Bond employs staff to coordinate and support the activities of the network.

Chief executive

Stephanie Draper is Bond's chief executive. Stephanie has spent over 20 years working to accelerate a just and sustainable future, with a focus on sustainable development. She brings extensive international experience of bringing sectors together to collaborate and shape a better future.

She was previously at Forum for the Future working on how to practically achieve the systems change needed to deliver the UN Global Goals. As their chief change officer and deputy CEO she shaped the sustainable nutrition, 1.5 degrees and sustainable value chains and livelihoods Labs and how organisations can deliver transformational strategies. She also created new approaches to understanding impact.

She has been instrumental in creating a number of cross sector initiatives (between business, NGOs and governments) and partnership such as the Protein Challenge, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative and the School of Systems Change, where she is faculty. Prior to Forum Stephanie founded the Corporate Responsibility team at The Work Foundation. 

To contact Stephanie please email her PA, Romana Hoossein: [email protected]

Policy, advocacy and research

+44 (0)20 7520 0257

[email protected]

Facilitates dialogue between the Bond membership and government bodies, political parties and other relevant organisations and decision makers, and supports and coordinates joint advocacy and campaigning at national, European and international levels.

Simon Starling, director of policy, advocacy and research

Sandra Martinsone, policy manager (on maternity leave)

Rowan Popplewell, policy manager, civic space 

Kit Dorey, policy manager 

Paul Abernethy, government relations and public affairs manager

Abigael Baldoumas, policy and advocacy manager - aid effectiveness

Alice Whitehead, policy and public affairs adviser

Rosemary Forest, policy and advocacy adviser

Helen Rumford, policy and advocacy adviser

Waris Mahad, advocacy coordinator 

Lena Cohrs, policy communities coordinator

Communications and member services

Membership: +44 (0)20 7520 2707

Training and recruitment advertising: +44 (0)20 7520 0248

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Produces targeted information and communications including the Bond website, and manages membership and engagement with Bond members and groups.

Bond training offers high-quality international development learning opportunities and events, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and experience within the sector.

Mike Wright, director of membership and communications

Maryam Mohsin, head of media and communications

Jonathan Hatch, communications adviser

Jemma Ashman, membership and marketing manager

Daniel Metcalf, membership and CRM adviser

Lena Bheeroo, engagement and equity manager

Sarah Armstrong, learning and training manager

Debbie Nolan, learning and training adviser

Ross Brittain, customer relations assistant

Oliver Simons, business development adviser (recruitment)

Iona Stirling-Herbert, sales and exhibition adviser

Franziska Schwarz, senior adviser for sector safeguarding (dual role)

Lucy McCall, learning and sector change communities coordinator

Helen Omoregbee, events coordinator

Finance, operations and effectiveness

Finance: +44 (0)20 7520 0247

NGO Effectiveness: +44 (0)20 7520 1042

[email protected]
[email protected]

Bond’s Finance, Operations and Effectiveness team supports Bond and other organisations and their staff to run smoothly, cost effectively, and to achieve impact.  It does this by promoting learning and best practice both within Bond and among international development organisations. Our work is based on the conviction that effective social development work is contingent on the strong relationships with partners and beneficiaries; adapts to new learning contexts; innovates in light of a rapidly evolving external environment; is able to provide robust evidence  of its performance through rigorous measurement using appropriate techniques; and is transparent. 

Graham Mackay, chief operating officer

Zoe Abrahamson, senior funding adviser

Catherine Dow-Wright, business and operations manager (on maternity leave)

Franziska Schwarz, business and operations manager (dual role)

Alexis Gallagher, safeguarding and HR adviser

Romana Hoosseinoperations coordinator

Barbara Epie, finance manager 

Thura Zaw Lin, finance coordinator 

Yolaina Vargas Pritchard, sector change and funding adviser

Gerard Witham, head of organisational effectiveness

Laura Bennett, programme coordinator

Benedict O’Donovan-Iland, communications and engagement adviser