Working groups

What we work on

We have over 40 working groups with over 3,000 members, each focusing on key thematic areas in the development and humanitarian sector.

Our working groups are led by our members, with all projects and work done decided by the steering groups, independent of Bond.

Our working groups have produced resources, blogs, have conducted and published reports and hold regular meetings and events.

The impact our work has

Bond Groups are communities of practice and learning where Bond members come together to connect with each other, share learning and undertake joint advocacy to deliver their objectives.

Working groups are led primarily by Bond members: they are responsible for driving the community’s agenda and they organise and deliver group activities with support from Bond.

All Bond groups are hosted on an online space on the Bond website, where members can share information, start discussions, and organise meetings and events.

Bond groups are open to Bond members only and are one of the main advantages of Bond membership. Our groups are inclusive and made up of a diverse range of members. Bond members can join as many groups as they wish.

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