Sandra Martinsone

Sandra Martinsone

Policy manager

Sandra Martinsone is Bond’s Policy Manager who leads Bond’s policy and advocacy work on sustainable economic development including a wide arrange of themes from investment to trade, decent jobs, global financial institutions, tax and more in between. In addition to that Sandra is also overseeing team’s grant projects and resources. 

Previously Sandra has coordinated RedR’s international humanitarian capacity building programmes in East Africa and Middle East, worked as Politics and Governance Programme Manager at ODI, led one of the largest ever international tax justice advocacy and campaigning projects working with 24 organisations in 19 countries across 3 continents and  developed advocacy strategy for ETI to advocate for workers’ rights in UK, Southeast Asia and Africa. She has also worked for UNDP and Foreign Office in Latvia. 

In her spare time Sandra is writing/ doing research on progressive taxation and studying Public finance management. 


 Liz Truss gives a speech on Foreign Policy at Chatham House in London. Picture by Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street
18 February 2022
The UK government is due to publish a new International Development Strategy in the coming months. What can we expect from the strategy, and most importantly, will it deliver for people living in poverty around the world? 
20 December 2021
The challenges faced by the sector in 2021 – the merger of DFID and the FCO, the pandemic, and the aid cuts – have had serious implications for the world’s most marginalised communities and for the SDGs and sustainable economic development.
COVID-19 emergency response activities, Madartek, Basabo, Dhaka
24 August 2020
Effective global response to Covid-19 should not be just about getting back to ”business as usual” as quickly as possible. It should be about addressing the root causes of pandemics and related emergencies to build back better.
Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia
9 January 2020
It is not about whether Africa needs investment. It is about what kind of investment, where, for who and how.