Locally led and decolonisation

What we work on

We are committed to supporting the UK international development sector to adopt anti-racist behaviours and mindsets that ensure power and resources drive more equitable, locally led development.

We are finding ways for the UK international development sector to accelerate their transition towards locally led development

We are supporting organisations to change through the working groups and through different resources and events..

The impact our work has

There are a growing number of examples of community-led change in a variety of countries. But the shift needed to ensure locally led actors have the power and resources to own their development is significant and the pace of change is slow. We are finding ways for the UK international development sector to accelerate.

Over the last few years we have convened our members to understand the key barriers to change and identified areas for collective action. We have produced a number of blogs and resources to help, and our work is continuing and ever-evolving.

Becoming locally led as an anti-racist practice: a guide

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What makes a good “locally led” funder? - Stories from your partners

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Taking British politics and colonialism out of our language

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Join the Changing Donor Policy and Practice Working Group

Influence policy and practice to shift how donors work for a more equitable and locally led development system.

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Join the Feedback and Accountability Working Group

Share lessons, debate and critically engage with systems for listening and responding to feedback from community members.

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Locally led

Join the Practice for Locally Led Development Working Group

Learn, discuss challenges and share best practice to support INGOs to enable locally led development.

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Join the Sector Commitments and Roadmap of UK INGOs Group

Coordinate the development of commitments to transform the sector into one that place communities at the centre of their work.

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Blogs and resources

We have a wealth of blogs and resources on locally led and decolonisation, and regularly host events and webinars on the subject.