Civil society and civic space

What we work on

Civil society actors are agents of change. They are critical to building open societies, defending human rights and ending global poverty.

Pressure is increasing on civil society in many countries around the world, from restrictions on protest rights, to internet shutdowns and the detention and harassment of activists.

Civic space is under pressure in the UK and is rated as ‘obstructed’ by the CIVICUS Monitor.

Bond works to promote and protect civic space and strengthen civil society in the UK and globally.

The impact our work has

We collaborate with our members and allies to create an enabling environment for civil society actors so that they can campaign for social change and participate meaningfully in public debate and decision-making.

We support the sector to understand the possible impact of legislation on INGOs and their work, such as the implications of the National Security Bill and campaigning during a General Election.

We share collective knowledge by compiling lessons from civil society, for example on campaigning during coronavirus and producing learning summaries, such as this one on the Police Bill Alliance.

Understanding electoral campaigning rules

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The Police Bill Alliance – learning summary

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This group coordinates and facilitates advocacy on civic space and is a community where Bond members can share practical learning and advice on working with civil society in places where civic space is under pressure.

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An informal network of organisations that works to protect and promote the right to campaign in the UK, acting as a space for sharing information and coordinating collective action.

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Blogs and resources

We have a wealth of blogs and resources on safeguarding, and regularly host events and webinars on the subject.