Parliamentary engagement

What we work on

We work with MPs, the civil service and other political actors to help influence UK politics for the good of our members and the communities we work with.

We are working with all the main parties and building the relationships that ensure we will have an influence over the next government.

We brief MPs before debates in Parliament, submit evidence to Select Committee enquiries and co-ordinate letters to government.

The impact our work has

The policies of the UK government have a real impact on the UK’s international development work, and on how the UK uses its role on the international stage to advance the causes of global justice and solidarity. The government is influenced in turn by Parliamentarians, and this means it is important that MPs and Peers across the political spectrum are also engaged with the work of our members and understand its importance.

As the organisations that work with communities on the ground, our members have insights into how aid and development can be better delivered, and how the UK can best work in partnership with other countries, and with global institutions, to achieve the SDGs. They often also commission policy and research, based on their own work, into wider issues such as global tax and trade, development financing and the reform of global institutions that impact on the countries and communities they work with.

As a convening organisation, we provide forums for our members to influence Parliament, government and opposition parties in a variety of ways, from engaging with FCDO policy processes to joining meetings with MPs, Ministers and Shadow Ministers to help shape policy debates.

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We are launching a new project soon that will help connect up our smaller and medium-sized members with their local MPs, helping to benefit their own work and to connect more MPs across the political spectrum with the work of the aid and development sector.

If you have any questions about our work on parliamentary engagement, please get in touch.

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We have a wealth of blogs and resources on parliamentary engagement and politics, and regularly host events and webinars on the subject.