Sustainable economic development

What alternative models are available that can deliver for people and the planet? Our work in sustainable economic development helps to shape and future proof funding in international development.

What we work on

Our work on sustainable economic development looks at alternate funding streams, moving beyond the focus on GDP into thinking in terms of planetary limits.

We think about how we as a sector should change our approach to economic development so it acts as an agent of change.

We highlight where funding falls short and examine how funding in the future should promote equity and decolonisation.

The impact our work has

We collaborate with our members, governments and policy-makers to influence how we can fund development sustainably. We tie our work on economic development with the SDGs, working towards the goals through sustainable funding.

We push to make new, sustainable models a reality through our collaboration, and ensure everything we do is seen through the lens of decolonisation, anti-racism and climate realities.

Equitable economics: Reimagining sustainable development

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Four ways to reimagine public development banks to nurture more equitable, sustainable and rights-based development

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We have a wealth of blogs and resources on sustainable economic development, and regularly host events and webinars on the subject.