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People within the international development and humanitarian sectors are challenging the narrative of “development” and the role of “aid”.

Global challenges like poverty, inequality, and the climate crisis require new models for “development” and these must be rooted in equality and solidarity.

Future dialogues is an ongoing project, with members constantly feeding in to our work.

The impact our work has

The Bond Future Dialogues project hopes to contribute to the conversation and action on what a post-2030 international development system looks like, with a particular focus on what the UK’s role might be.

Bond brings together innovative thinkers from the international development community and adjacent sectors such as foreign policy, environmental justice, politics and sustainable business through a range of public events and a series of workshops.

With this project, we hope to reshape the way we think about development as we go into an uncertain future.

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We have a number of blogs and resources on Future Dialogues, and regularly host events and webinars on the subject.