Mike Wright

Director of membership and communications

Mike Wright is director of membership and communications at Bond. Mike leads the team that communicates with and engages with the sector, and supports members on service development and delivery. Mike has over 25 years’ experience at senior management team level in a variety of networks and membership bodies, with broad experience of communications strategy, income generation strategy and organisational change processes. 

Twitter: @MikeW4ID
LinkedIn: Mike Wright


9 December 2021
As the pandemic hit the charity sector, much was said about the likely consolidation of NGOs through merger and acquisition. Is “merger” still a dirty word in the charity sector and what are the actual risks and benefits?
23 November 2021
What we wanted to create was an identity for our new Charter, which reflected what was distinct about our network; something that members could cohere around, and use to demonstrate their ambition to do better. 
7 October 2020
48% of NGOs may not survive the next two years, according to the worrying findings from our latest survey on NGOs' finances and staff cuts.
Oxfam charity shop on a London street
27 June 2019
NCVO's latest UK Civil Society Almanac highlights the size, makeup and funding of international NGOs compared to the rest of the UK sector.
US government delegation talking to civil society representatives at the UN in Geneva
1 April 2019
As engagement between government and CSOs deteriorates, we highlight the potential dangers of government bypassing civil society, and the value of CSOs to formulating better public policy.
Tea fields
13 June 2018
An update on what Bond, NGOs and the government have been doing to ensure the sector protects people from abuse, holds abusers to account and encourages those affected to report incidents.
A person being interviewed
23 November 2016
Advice and best practice on NGO job applications and interviews.