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Bond represents over 400 members working in international development, ranging from large agencies with a world-wide presence to smaller, specialist organisations.

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12/2022: Mitchell: UK must restructure FCDO to regain aid ‘superpower’ status, Devex

11/2022: UK spending more aid on refugees at home than on assistance to poor countries, Independent

11/2022: UK aid faces third major cut in 3 years, with £1.7B to be cut, Devex

11/2022: ‘No support for charities’ – sector leaders respond to autumn statement, Civil Society

11/2022: Charities warn chancellor against swingeing cuts ahead of autumn statement, Civil Society

11/2022: How international aid charities are decolonising to tackle racism, Charity Digital

11/2022: Global aid charities ‘stuck’ amid funding turmoil, event hears, Third Sector

11/2022: MPs to investigate Home Office over ‘raid’ on foreign aid budget to fund rising refugee costs, The Telegraph

10/2022: UK foreign aid being spent in Britain passes £4bn mark, experts say, BBC

10/2022: After a decade, Andrew Mitchell is back to leading UK development aid, Devex

10/2022: Fears abound that UK aid budget could be slashed to 0.3 percent, Devex

10/2022: Overseas aid spending a mess since Foreign Office put in charge, watchdog warns, Independent

10/2022: Guide tells overseas aid charities how to challenge ‘colonialist, sexist and racist’ behaviour, Third Sector

09/2022: New foreign secretary James Cleverly must tackle UK aid transparency crisis, openDemocracy

09/2022: Becoming locally-led is essential to anti-racist action, aid charities told, Civil Society

09/2022: What could a Liz Truss premiership mean for development?, Devex

08/2022: Record profits for grain firms amid food crisis prompt calls for windfall tax, The Guardian 

07/2022: UK aid agencies degraded in flagship transparency rankings, The Telegraph 

06/2022: British aid pledge ‘nowhere near enough’ as UN says 49 million are at risk of famine, Independent 

06/2022: Senior staffers at aid charities ‘ill-equipped’ to deal with racism in the sector, MPs conclude, Third Sector

06/2022: Raab urged to let parliament scrutinise Human Rights Act replacement, The Guardian

05/2022: The UK’s development strategy fails to confront the world’s biggest crises, openDemocracy 

05/2022: The incredible shrinking Global Britain, POLITICO

05/2022: Understanding the UK’s new international development strategy, Devex

05/2022: Liz Truss ties aid to trade to take on ‘malign actors’, The Times

05/2022: UK aid strategy aims to curb China’s ‘belt and road’ influence, The Telegraph

05/2022: UK accused of prioritising ‘aid for trade’ in new development strategy, Financial Times

05/2022: Liz Truss accused of turning back on world’s poorest with new ‘aid for trade’ plan, Independent

05/2022: Foreign aid: UK cuts funding to UN in change of strategy, BBC News

05/2022: Proposed new legislation could curb charities’ ability to campaign, Civil Society

05/2022:  Frustrations grow in UK over FCDO’s delayed development strategy, Devex

04/2022: Senior UK civil servant says there is insufficient evidence to show asylum scheme will provide value for money, Financial Times 

04/2022: Boris Johnson’s plan to send asylum seekers 4,000 miles to Rwanda is ILLEGAL, says UN, Daily Mail

04/2022: Rwanda asylum seekers: UK government criticised over ‘cruel’ plan, BBC News

04/2022: 160 charities and campaign groups condemn ‘shamefully cruel’ migrant plans, The Independent

04/2022: Developing countries ‘miss out’ on £100m in UK foreign aid after government monetises vaccine donations, The Independent

04/2022: Global overseas aid climbs to all-time high, rising 4.4% in real terms – OECD, The Guardian

04/2022: UK the only G7 country to cut aid during Covid pandemic, The Telegraph 

03/2022: UK Foreign Office rushed £4.2bn of aid cuts, official audit finds, The Guardian 

03/2022: Watchdog finds UK aid cuts lacked transparency, regard for impact, Devex

03/2022: Rishi Sunak pledge to match Ukraine donations funded by cutting aid to other countries, The Independent

03/2022: Cuts to UK overseas aid ‘could cost lives’, Liz Truss warned, The Guaridan 

03/2022: Climate change on the back burner as Liz Truss wants aid spent on women and girls, The Telegraph

03/2022: Boris Johnson’s law banning ‘noisy’ protests dealt humiliating Lords defeat, Daily Mirror

03/2022: Liz Truss faces Foreign Office mutiny as senior diplomat resigns over Ukraine shake-up, The Telegraph

03/2022: Liz Truss facing mutiny as senior diplomat resigns in fury at radical shake-up plans, Daily Express

03/2022: Letters: Trouble with sanctions, The Telegraph 

03/2022: UK accused of ‘betraying’ women as leaked report warns of aid cut impacts, The Guardian 

03/2022: Foreign Office leak: Aid cuts harmed women and girls the most, The Telegraph

03/2022: Ministers ignored warning of impact on victims of sexual violence when forcing through aid cuts, The Independent 

02/2022: “A grim reminder that the climate crisis hits lower-income countries hardest” – Bond and CAN-UK respond to IPCC report, 

02/2022: Government fights back against China’s attempt to buy up Commonwealth, The Telegraph 

02/2022:  UK government accused of ignoring victims in efforts to tackle ‘sex for aid’, The Guardian

02/2022: Boris Johnson told to “up his game” as UK fails to make progress delivering plans to tackle the climate crisis, poverty and inequality,

02/2022: Bond criticises government over £1.5bn cut to World Bank aid budget, Civil Society 

02/2022: ‘Broken promise’ protest as overseas aid minister is told to share role with 8 other jobs, The Independent

02/2022: More than 100 people of colour express solidarity with staff who faced racism at ActionAid UK, Third Sector

02/2022: UK government accused of using Covid vaccines to cut aid budget ‘on the sly’, The Independent

01/2022: £1B of income at risk for UK NGOs, Devex 

01/2022: Police Bill Alliance call on MPs to uphold changes to draconian Bill which risk destroying people’s right to protest, 

01/2022: UK considers using £300m of out-of-date PPE bought during pandemic, Financial Times 

12/2021: FCDO job cuts ‘at odds with Global Britain ambitions’, warn MPs and peers, CSW News 

12/2021: What does CDC Group’s rebrand mean for UK aid’s future?, Devex 

11/2021: UK assessment predicted aid cuts would hurt gender equality programs, Devex

11/2021: £3m project launched to help aid charities predict and plan for disasters, Civil Society 

10/2021: Foreign aid: Chancellor accused of stealth raid by charities, BBC

10/2021: Aid budget rebound could be undermined by ‘accountancy trickery’, Daily Telegraph 

10/2021: Campaigners’ anger as Sunak says overseas aid cut will continue, London Evening Standard

10/2021: Budget 2021: Foreign aid cuts to remain until at least 2024 – Sunak, BBC

10/2021: UK foreign aid cuts to stay in place for at least another three years, The Guardian

09/2021:  Help for vulnerable Afghans must be top of Liz Truss’s priorities, The Guardian 

09/2021: New culture secretary pledges to ‘hit the ground running’ as key Charity Commission appointment looms, Third Sector 

09/2021: Charities minister moved to Education Department in reshuffle, Civil Society 

09/2021: 5 Global Priorities for the UK’s New Foreign Secretary Liz Truss for 2021, Global Citizen 

08/2021: Afghan aid workers targeted by Taliban but excluded from UK evacuation, Devex

08/2021: Government Is Facing Urgent Calls To Expand Afghan Relocation Scheme As Thousands Flee From The Taliban, Politics Home 

08/2021: Children Left Behind In Afghanistan Face Food And Medicine Shortages, Government Warned, Politics Home 

07/2021: Lobbying rules still have ‘chilling effect’ despite better guidance, charities tell MPs, Civil Society News

07/2021: Government ‘misled parliament’ over scale of aid cuts to China, The Telegraph

07/2021: UK development sector reels but says fight for aid isn’t over, Devex

07/2021: Overseas aid cuts make UK an outlier among G7, Financial Times

07/2021: ‘Lives will be lost as a direct consequence of aid budget cuts,’ Civil Society News

07/2021: Controversial foreign aid cut to stay after Tory rebellion falls short, Herald Scotland

07/2021: Tory aid cut is ‘death knell for “Global Britain”‘, The National

07/2021: UK accused of turning away from world’s poor as MPs back £4m cuts to overseas aid budget, The Telegraph

07/2021: Boris Johnson’s foreign aid cuts to last for years as he survives Tory vote revolt, The Mirror

07/2021: MPs vote to approve £4bn foreign aid cut amid claims it could last for years – as it happened, The Guardian

07/2021: After Parliament vote, 0.7% UK aid target out of reach for years, Devex

07/2021: NGOs must check their bias amid staffing cuts, expert says, Devex

07/2021: Curbing protest rights in the UK will have a chilling effect on our democracy and smacks of hypocrisy, Independent

07/2021: UK NGOs want ‘a new settlement’ with government, Devex

06/2021: Charities criticise government for ‘chaotic’ communication over aid cuts, Civil Society News

06/2021: Opinion: 3 ways the development sector can build back greener, Devex

06/2021: Aid cuts have led to unexpected sackings and damaged partnerships, charities tell MPs, Civil Society News

06/2021: UK aid cuts imposed with no transparency, says watchdog, The Guardian 

06/2021: Transparency and openness have fallen at FCDO, says UK aid watchdog, Devex

06/2021: Rocked by recent scandals, is the charity regulator fit for purpose?, Politics Home

06/2021: 90% of people at UK NGOs do not feel their organisations are truly committed to equality, Civil Society News

06/2021: Ninety per cent of aid sector staff do not think their organisation is committed to diversity, research indicates, Third Sector

06/2021: Most NGOs not committed to racial equity, say staff of color, Devex

06/2021: How The UK’s 100 Million Vaccine Doses Will Be Distributed And Where They Are Needed Most, Politics Home

06/2021: G7’s vaccine pledge for poor nations branded inadequate by campaigners, Financial Times

06/2021: 5 takeaways from Britain’s G7 summit, Politico

06/2021: Boris Johnson denies Brexit wars and aid cuts ruined G7 Summit, as gathering branded ‘colossal failure’, Independent

06/2021: Aid groups to G7: honour pledges or risk failure at climate summit, Reuters

06/2021: Charities ‘bitterly disappointed’ by government refusal to allow vote on aid cuts, Civil Society News

06/2021: G7 leaders urged to show solidarity on climate change and COVID-19 at summit, Reuters

06/2021: UK government avoids vote on aid cuts — for now, Devex

06/2021: Foreign aid cuts could undermine UK’s global credibility say charities, Channel 4 News

06/2021: Foreign aid cuts ‘cast shadow’ over G7 summit, Boris Johnson warned, Independent

06/2021: Charities, former ministers slam ‘shameful’ planned UK aid cuts, Arab News

06/2021: UK will be found wanting at G7 if it does not reverse aid cuts, PM warned, Evening Standard

06/2021: Foreign aid cuts: ‘Far more’ than 100,000 people will die, leading rebel MP warns, Sky News

06/2021: Foreign aid: Charities criticise ‘devastating’ cuts ahead of G7, BBC News

06/2021: UK’s G7 targets ‘must be more ambitious’, The Guardian

06/2021: UK aid watchdog ICAI’s funding cut by 15%, MPs say, Devex

05/2021: 2020 UK aid cuts ‘more drastic than needed,’ according to watchdog, Devex

05/2021: Africa feels the brunt of UK foreign aid cuts, Financial Times

05/2021: Campaigning NGOs face ‘challenging,’ ‘antagonistic’ UK environment, Devex

05/2021: Charities face increasingly difficult campaigning environment, report warns, Third Sector

05/2021: Umbrella body Bond faces almost £1m cut in government funding, Third Sector

05/2021: Bond loses half its government funding as aid charities face ‘devastating’ cuts, Civil Society News

05/2021: The post-pandemic NGO, Devex

05/2021: EXPLAINER – Britain’s foreign aid cut: who will feel the impact?, Reuters

04/2021: Tearfund pledges to reduce use of confidentiality clauses, Civil Society News

04/2021: Here’s what global civil society wants to see from the G-7, Devex

04/2021: History is complicated – and charities have never been an ‘antidote to politics’, Third Sector

04/2021: Aid Budget: Here’s what difference the cuts will make to the UK’s international development programme, iNews

04/2021: Foreign aid cuts: UK charities accuse government of delivering ‘tragic blow’ to world’s poorest, Sky News

04/2021: Charities call UK aid cuts ‘a tragic blow for world’s most marginalised’, ITV News

04/2021: UK aid budget: Charities call £500m cut a tragic blow, BBC News

04/2021: UK aid cuts: ‘tragic blow’ as opaque numbers signal big reductions, The Guardian

04/2021: UK aid fell by £712M in 2020, government statistics show, Devex

04/2021: Aid charities to be considered ‘case-by-case’ for extra government safeguarding funds, Civil Society News

03/2021: UK Aid Cuts Undermine Poorer Countries’ Chances to Fight Climate Change, Warn Charities, Global Citizen

03/2021: British aid cuts to leave tens of thousands of Syrians ‘paperless’, The Guardian

03/2021: Charities say foreign aid cut will hamstring Glasgow climate summit, The Sunday Times

03/2021: New tools for charity leaders to change safeguarding culture, Civil Society News

03/2021: Opinion: The UK is undoing its good work on international development, Devex

03/2021: UK government plans 80% cuts to ‘world-leading’ anti-corruption work, Open Democracy

03/2021: A transformative agenda for the G7 – Recommendations from UK civil society, Relief Web

03/2021: Aid charities shun government-backed scheme for tackling abuse, Civil Society News

03/2021: More than 100 UK charities condemn aid cuts to Yemen, Channel 4 News

03/2021: UK reputation will be ‘destroyed’ if Yemen aid cut goes ahead, charities tell Boris Johnson, The Independent

03/2021: UK foreign aid budget cut report: Tens of thousands will die if world’s poorest and most needy betrayed, says Oxfam chief, Sky News

03/2021: UK aid cuts to Yemen are a ‘betrayal of British values’, warn charities, The Telegraph

03/2021: UK foreign aid: Yemen cut condemned by charities, BBC News

03/2021: The Stowell era: Speeches about public trust, safeguarding and some more speeches about public trust, Civil Society News

02/2021: UK government rejects aid cut information request ‘for commercial reasons’, Devex

02/2021: Bond accuses government of hiding details about cut to aid spending, Civil Society News

02/2021: Anger as Boris Johnson breaks pledge to give MPs vote before billions slashed from overseas aid, The Independent

02/2021: Exclusive: UK FCDO minister: ‘We are not really in a position’ to discuss cuts with aid community, Devex

02/2021: Take on more apprentices to improve diversity, urges Bond, Civil Society News

02/2021: How NGOs can improve their financial reserves, Devex

02/2021: Reserves essential for bolstering resilience to future shocks, UK Fundraising

02/2021: Charities urged to try to increase ‘worryingly low’ levels of reserves, Third Sector

02/2021: Aid charities will be forced to cut more jobs, survey shows, Civil Society News

01/2021: UK aid cuts of up to 70% a ‘gut punch’ to world’s poorest, experts say, The Independent

01/2021: UK NGOs condemn ‘truly shocking’ lack of government aid transparency, Devex

01/2021: Government is dodging scrutiny over international aid cuts, warn charities, Civil Society News

01/2021: Fear of long-term effect of coronavirus on developing countries as ministers accused of secrecy over aid cuts, The Independent

01/2021: Cuts to aid budget ‘shrouded in secrecy’, charities warn, The Telegraph

01/2021: Aid sector is ‘last safe haven’ for abusers, UK investigation warns, The Guardian

01/2021: Charities which don’t ban staff from having sex with aid recipients risk losing government funding, The Telegraph

12/2020: What went wrong for UK aid?, Devex

12/2020: Charities tailor Christmas gifts to pandemic, Church Times

12/2020: UK aid watchdog ICAI ‘must continue’ its work, says foreign secretary, Devex

12/2020: UK Parliament’s International Development Committee saved, Devex

11/2020: Overseas aid: UK Government cut will affect real people in desperate situations, The National

11/2020: Overseas aid cut will not be restored in ‘foreseeable future’, Foreign Secretary admits, The Indepenent

11/2020: Poverty reduction missing from new UK aid strategy, Devex

11/2020: Anger from charities after government aid spending cut, Civil Society News

11/2020: Charities round on government over aid cut, Third Sector

11/2020: UK climate leadership seen weakened by aid cut for world’s poor, Reuters

11/2020: Foreign office minister Baroness Sugg resigns after aid budget slashed by £5bn in spending review, The Telegraph

11/2020: Times letters: Uncertainty over next summer’s GCSE exams, The Times

11/2020: Boris Johnson agrees £16bn rise in defence spending, The Guardian

10/2020: More work needed to tackle abuse in the aid sector, organisations tell MPs, Third Sector

10/2020: NGOs named on FCDO merger consultation list kick back, Devex

10/2020: Aid workers employed by Government banned from sexual relationships with victims of humanitarian disasters, The Telegraph

10/2020: Government preparing to cut humanitarian aid budget for second time during pandemic, The Independent

10/2020: Economic climate could see almost half of UK NGOs cut operations, UK Fundraising

09/2020: UK Job Support Scheme offers little help for NGOs, Devex

09/2020: Charity reaction to Kruger report: ‘It is critical that government now acts’, Civil Society News

09/2020: Sector gives broad welcome to ideas put forward in Kruger review, Third Sector

09/2020: What do development advocates want from the UK’s integrated review?, Devex

09/2020: Congo ‘jobs-for-sex’ expose prompts calls for greater scrutiny of aid workers, Reuters

08/2020: It’s tempting to think only charities can end abuse in aid. But we need state backup, The Guardian

08/2020: Opinion: UK government is pushing small aid charities to the brink of closure, Devex

08/2020: UK to review independent watchdog on overseas aid, Financial Times

08/2020: Leadership of merged DfID evidence of ‘hostile takeover’ by FCO, say critics, The Guardian

07/2020: Poorest in the world likely to ‘pay greatest price’ in aid department merger, say MPs, LBC

07/2020: Global poor will ‘pay the greatest price’ as Boris Johnson axes aid department, MPs warn, The Mirror

07/2020: Aid from top donors drops even as need soars, AP

07/2020: Aid charity forced to close after coronavirus ‘seriously reduced’ its funding, Civil Society News

07/2020: Foreign Affairs Committee criticized over DFID merger session, Devex

07/2020: MPs brand Dfid merger an ‘extraordinary mistake’ as concerns over aid scrutiny grow, Telegraph

07/2020: Government to slash aid budget by nearly £3bn amid economic downturn, Telegraph

07/2020: NGOs accuse government of misrepresenting DFID merger talks, Devex

07/2020: Alarm bells ring over aid spending amid lack of clarity on DfID merger, The Guardian

06/2020: World’s poor ‘will pay price’, charities say as UK scraps aid department, Reuters

06/2020: Scrapping DFID Aid Agency unnecessary, The Mirror

06/2020: Boris Johnson urged to reconsider ‘unnecessary and expensive’ DfID merger by almost 200 charities, The Independent

06/2020: Independent DfID ‘imperative’ for effective UK overseas aid, say MPs, The Telegraph

06/2020: Anger as Boris Johnson announces plan to merge international aid department into foreign office, The Independent

06/2020: ‘Political vandalism’: DfID and Foreign Office merger met with anger by UK charities, The Guardian

06/2020: David Cameron launches scathing attack on Boris Johnson for axing aid department, The Mirror

06/2020: Aid charities criticise plans to merge DFID with Foreign Office, Civil Society News

06/2020: DFID merger: FCO plan will ‘hurt the most poorest and most vulnerable’, international development charities warn, i News

06/2020: Aid groups deny they were consulted on DFID merger, Devex

06/2020: Aid charities condemn decision to merge DfID into the Foreign Office, Third Sector

06/2020: IDC recommends no new money for Newton Fund until it reforms, Devex

06/2020: Gavi smashes replenishment target at virtual summit, Devex

05/2020: DFID announces NGO awardees of £45M coronavirus funding, Devex

05/2020: DFID sets out measures to support UK NGOs, Devex

05/2020: Forty per cent of international development charities ‘could fold in next six months’, Third Sector

05/2020: DFID hands out £18m to six charities, Civil Society News

05/2020: 40% of UK NGOs say they will collapse within 6 months without new support, Devex

05/2020: ‘The issue now is surviving’: countries react with shock to Oxfam withdrawal, The Guardian

05/2020: Two in five aid charities could close within six months, survey finds, Civil Society News

04/2020: DFID must remain ‘rigorous’ on safeguarding amid pandemic, Devex

04/2020: Pandemic jeopardises support for world’s poor as charities lose millions, The Guardian

04/2020: Covid-19 could cost international development charities almost £1.3bn, Bond says, Third Sector

04/2020: Government talking to charity leaders about support to deal with Covid-19 impact, Civil Society News

04/2020: UK NGOs ‘deeply concerned’ about £20M for COVID-19 work in 15 countries, Devex

04/2020: International aid faces huge losses, TFN

04/2020: International aid charities face losing billions of pounds, Civil Sociey News

04/2020: Virus Outbreak: Pandemic jeopardizes support for poor, Taipei Times

03/2020: Johnson aims to integrate Foreign Office and DfID operations, The Guardian

03/2020: Schoolgirl from Bath shortlisted for Humanitarian award, In Your Area

03/2020: Mumbai ‘SuperHero’ Shabnam Rangwala Shortlisted For Prestigious Humanitarian Award, Enabled

03/2020: Ghanaian sighsaver shortlisted for prestigious humanitarian award in uk, News Africa Now

03/2020: Somalia: Humanitarian Khadija Farah Shortlisted for Prestigious Bond International Development Awards 2020, Somali Land

03/2020: Parliamentary group to examine the effectiveness of UK aid, Devex

03/2020: Bond cancels annual conference due to coronavirus concerns, Civil Society News

03/2020: DFID country directors told to report to the Foreign Office, Devex

03/2020: Matthew Rycroft leaves DFID, Devex

03/2020: Acevo urges discussion on how to better support bullying and harassment complaints, Third Sector

03/2020: Inquiry finds Save the Children UK mismanaged workplace harassment complaints, UK Fundraising

02/2020: Joint ministerial team at Foreign Office and DfID reignites merger rumours, Civil Society News

02/2020: Entire DfID junior ministerial team merged with Foreign Office, Third Sector

02/2020: UK jeopardizing development gains in Ghana with rapid reduction of aid, watchdog warns, Devex

02/2020: Cabinet reshuffle: Charities relieved as Boris Johnson decides not to axe foreign aid department, The Independent

02/2020: Respite for DFID as Anne-Marie Trevelyan named secretary of state, Devex

02/2020: Boris Johnson rejects revolution in favour of modest cabinet reshuffle, The Guardian

02/2020: Anne‑Marie Trevelyan: Charity begins at home for woman in charge of aid, The Times

02/2020: Aid charities urged to join scheme that vets sex predators, The Times

02/2020: Conferences canceled: Coronavirus’ impact on development efforts, Devex

01/2020: DFID could remain a stand-alone department but lose its secretary of state, Devex

01/2020: Oxfam hires Kate Sayer to lead new integrity and ethics team, Civil Society News

01/2020: Reports suggest DfID will remain an independent department, Third Sector

01/2020: NGOs protest as DFID foots bill for trade-focused UK-Africa Investment Summit, Devex

01/2020: Bond quote in response to Publish What You Fund’s Aid Transparency Index, Relief Web

01/2020: Are international aid charities fit for purpose?, Third Sector

01/2020: Brexit day: UK aid community grapples with life outside Europe, Devex

12/2019: Letter: Three ‘Ds’ of our foreign policy are greater than the sum of their parts, FT

12/2019: Aid groups warn Boris Johnson against combining DfID with Foreign Office, The Guardian

12/2019: Charities call on government to retain Department for International Development, Third Sector

12/2019: Charity sector reacts to massive Tory majority, Civil Society News

12/2019: Charities told to ‘step up’ and speak for all voters after Conservative landslide, Third Sector

12/2019: Future of DFID hangs in the balance after Conservative landslide, Devex

12/2019: Charities warn against suggested merger between DfID and Foreign Office, Civil Society News

12/2019: More than 100 charities warn Boris Johnson that axeing overseas aid department would see UK ‘turn its back on poorest’, Politics Home

12/2019: More than 100 charities join senior Tories in urging Boris Johnson to abandon plans to axe foreign aid department, The Independent

12/2019: Union warns Boris Johnson against civil service ‘reform for reform’s sake’, The Guardian

12/2019: Let the UK continue to lead the world in global development, The Guardian

11/2019: What charities are asking for from the next government, Civil Society News

11/2019: UK election 2019: How do parties’ promises on aid measure up?, Devex

11/2019: Bond launches Apprenticeship Scheme to Increase Diversity in International Development, Ethical Marketing Initiative

11/2019: Less than 10% of EU aid reaches world’s poorest countries, study finds, The Guardian

11/2019: Charities write to party leaders calling for freedom to campaign, Civil Society News

11/2019: Charity leaders call on parties to amend campaigning rules, Third Sector

11/2019: UK charities call for end to ‘gagging law’ in run-up to elections, The Guardian

11/2019: Opinion: What should a progressive post-Brexit aid agenda look like?, Devex

10/2019: Five of the top 100 charities earn more than 90 per cent of income in restricted funding, Civil Society News

10/2019: Aid sector forced into greater transparency by #MeToo movement, The Guardian

10/2019: Christian Aid office closures linked to Brexit losses, Devex

10/2019: Brexit could cost DFID £200M in contract guarantees, Devex

10/2019: Bond launches apprenticeship scheme to increase diversity in UK international development sector, UK Fundraising

10/2019: Bond launches an apprenticeship scheme for international development charities, Civil Society News

10/2019: Bond initiative to increase diversity in voluntary sector apprenticeships, Third Sector

10/2019: Safeguarding efforts in the aid sector, The Guardia

10/2019: The UK has the chance to be an international development leader, Public Finance International 

10/2019: Aid agencies accused of failure to make good on Oxfam abuse scandal pledges,  The Guardian

10/2019: Charities slow to act in wake of Oxfam sexual abuse scandal, MPs warn, The Telegraph

10/2019: MPs criticise aid charities for being too slow to raise safeguarding standards, Civil Society News

10/2019: MPs criticise ‘disappointing progress’ on safeguarding by aid charities, Third Sector

10/2019: Two-thirds of British people see overseas aid as ‘a major priority’, The Guardian

10/2019: Brexit: Johnson and Corbyn meet but can’t agree time-table for bill – live news, The Guardian

09/2019: Five of the top 100 charities earn more than 90 per cent of income in restricted funding, Third Sector

09/2019: Look beyond grant-funding, Comic Relief head of investment tells charities, Third Sector

09/2019:  Sector still has a talent crisis, says Children’s Society fundraising lead, Third Sector

09/2019:  DFID will lobby EU to allow development charities to maintain funding after Brexit, Civil Society News

09/2019:  Prosperity Fund defies critics to double spending, Devex

09/2019:  Regulator’s budget to rise by 10 per cent next year, Third Sector

09/2019:  DFID resources drained by other departments, experts warn, Devex

09/2019:  Experts question DFID’s promised spending boost, Devex

09/2019:  Charities react to the Spending Round: ‘It only buys time and does not fix the problem’, Civil Society News 

09/2019: UK pledges £1.3B for climate and biodiversity but aid experts flag concerns, Devex

09/2019: Electoral Commission publishes new guidance on campaigning for charities, Third Sector

09/2019: Electoral Commission issues new guidance on lobbying act, Civil Society News

09/2019: Prosperity Fund defies critics to double spending, Devex

08/2019: What does the increase in joint ministers mean for DFID? Experts weigh in, Devex

08/2019: DFID warns of ‘further discrimination’ against UK aid charities by EU, Civil Society News

08/2019: Minister warns charities that the EU is ‘still discriminating’ against them, Third Sector

08/2019: DFID urges UK NGOs to apply for Brexit guarantee, Devex

08/2019: DFID and UK aid still under threat, experts warn, Devex 

07/2019: DFID survives another day as Alok Sharma named new secretary of state, Devex

07/2019: Charities react as Morgan named culture secretary in Cabinet reshuffle, Third Sector

07/2019: New development secretary Alok Sharma signals he will protect UK aid budget, The Telegraph 

07/2019: Controversial CSSF responding to criticisms as it continues to grow, Devex 

07/2019: DFID headed toward centralization despite its leader’s concerns, Devex

07/2019: Bond expresses alarm over plan to move part of UK aid budget, Third Sector

07/2019: What does the commitment to green UK aid mean in practice? Devex

06/2019: Allocating £14bn UK aid budget across government means the world’s poor miss out, The Telegraph

06/2019: NAO criticises government’s lack of transparency over aid spending, Civil Society News

06/2019: UK cross-government strategy under fire again, Devex

06/2019: Oxfam failed to act on reports its workers were raping girls as young as 12, damning report concludes, The Independent 

06/2019: Charity Commission to release Oxfam findings, Sky News06/2019: How Oxfam’s scandal in Haiti swept through the international aid sector, The Telegraph

06/2019: Sector reaction to Oxfam report: ‘We must be less fearful of learning from failure’, Civil Society News

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05/2019: MPs committee says aid sector has been ‘failing miserably’ to tackle sexual exploitation, Third Sector

05/2019: UK government urged to focus aid money on climate change, Reuters 

05/2019: MPs committee says aid sector has been ‘failing miserably’ to tackle sexual exploitation, Third Sector

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