Bond has over 40 working groups with more than 3,000 members, each focusing on key thematic areas in the development and humanitarian sector. Join these communities of practice to discuss challenges, share resources and network with other professionals. Groups meet online at present. Some groups also undertake advocacy and influence policy-making.

Aid effectiveness

Learn and become involved in issues around the aid effectiveness agenda in the UK and globally.

Bridgetown agenda, MDBs reform & beyond

To coordinate sector’s policy and advocacy work on evolving agenda around Bridgetown initiative, Paris Summit and broader reforms of MDBs including, WB, IMF.

Caste and development

Discuss and collaborate on advocacy, awareness-raising and capacity building to overcome barriers of caste in development

Changing donor policy and practice

Influence donor policy and practice to shift how donors work for a more equitable development system.

Child rights

Help put children and their rights on the forefront of the UK’s international development and foreign policy and practice

Civic Space

Coordinate and facilitate advocacy and share practical learning on civic space and related issues

Commercial contracts

Network and undertake joint advocacy to promote fair and equitable access to DFID's commercial contracts


Discuss and share issues, challenges and best practice related to communications in the international development sector

Conflict policy

Analyse, debate and share experiences of UK policy on conflict and security

Disability and development

Influence government and other stakeholders to ensure disabled people are considered in all international development policies

EU funding and policy

Share information, policy analysis and experiences on EU funding and policy issues

Feedback and accountability

Share lessons, debate and critically engage with systems for listening and responding to feedback from community members


Share experiences of donor relationships and undertake joint advocacy with UK funders

G7 Advocacy

Share information, gather feedback and coordinate joint action on G7 2021.

Gender programme

Share learning on implementing and assessing programmatic work on gender equality, and girls' and womens' rights and empowerment

Group chairs

A space for Bond group chairs to discuss and share plans, problems and ideas

Human resources

Join staff with HR functions to discuss issues, exchange experiences and provide peer support


Ensure aid reaches civilians in need of life-saving assistance during responses to natural disasters and conflict

IATI community of practice

This group is currently inactive but you can go to the Transparency group instead

Impact investing

Share learning and discuss challenges and best practice related to impact investing in the international development sector

Knowledge management

Develop and share good practice in knowledge management

Mental health

A sub-group of the Bond Disabiltiy and Development group for organisations working on Mental Health or interested in engaging in this area.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Share learning and experience to help improve the practice of MEL

Partnership approaches

Drive the effectiveness of partnerships across the sector through shared learning and applying innovative models

Partnerships and local leadership

A space for shared learning from existing safeguarding expertise in partner organisations

People in the pictures

Provide sector leadership on ethical approaches to gathering and using images

POC in development

A space for people of colour to discuss issues, challenges and best practice, and to coordinate influencing.

Policy and Lobbying

Get political intelligence and insight on lobbying and campaigning related to UK aid issues

Policy Directors Group

Leading the long-term policy discussions facing the aid and development sector.

Practice for locally-led development

Provide support INGOs to enable locally led development

Project management

Discuss issues, challenges and best practice related to project management in the international development sector

Resilience learning

Learn to drive enhanced resilience to natural and man-made disasters


An online space for members to share ideas, resources and good practice around safeguarding issues

Sanctions and Counter-Terrorism

Discuss the impact of sanctions and counter-terrorism regulations and engage with stakeholders to improve the regulatory framework

Sector commitments & roadmap of UK INGOs

Coordinate the development of commitments to transform the sector into one that places communities at the centre of their work

Small NGOs

Get support and develop links with small NGOs to improve your knowledge and practice

Sport for development and peace

Discuss issues related to the role of sport in international development

Sustainable Development Goals

Influence the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals across the UK and internationally

Sustainable economic development

A space for members to discuss and share learning around economic development.

Technology for development

Understand the impact that new technologies can have on people's lives and international development work


Understand and discuss the value of transparency for the international development sector

UK WASH network

Exchange knowledge, enhance analysis and coordinate advocacy on water, sanitation and hygiene issues

Value for Money

Understand and debate the conceptualisation and application of Value for Money at programme and organisational levels