Coronavirus (Covid-19) support

We’re supporting Bond members to adapt their operations and keep their organisations safe through the Covid-19 pandemic. 

NGOs are facing unprecedented challenges in the UK and across the world. Our recent Covid-19 survey highlights that NGOs are under immense strain from international travel restrictions, keeping staff in the UK and overseas safe, and losing income from reduced fundraising. 

We’re responding to our members’ needs by mobilising the sector and providing the latest information and resources for enduring this crisis. 

Our support to the sector

We're helping organisations in these ways:  

  • We’re sharing knowledge, learning and resources on Covid-19 that relate to international development, peacebuilding and humanitarian response. Here you’ll find information and guidance to support your organisation’s operations, fundraising, programmes, staff and volunteers. You can also navigate our guidance using the grey menu to the right. 
  • We’re mobilising and convening members to share insights. Our 40 working groups are already providing advice and resources on specific areas of work. We’re also holding virtual meetings to gather your concerns and issues, so we can help strengthen organisations and advocate for the sector. Tell us about the challenges your organisation is facing using this feedback form and leave anonymous feedback on how we're supporting our members.
  • We’re holding webinars on a range of Covid-19 topics, including medical advice and health, business continuity, mental wellbeing, travel and foreign exchange. Visit the events page
  • We’ve taken our training online. Up to December, we’ll be delivering our courses online through our new learning platform. We’ve redesigned our face-to-face programmes to ensure we meet your learning needs through interactive live sessions, as well as individual and group activities. We have reduced the cost of courses by 20% until December. Check out our training

Our advocacy for the sector 

We’re bringing the sector together to advocate for a swift and effective global response to Covid-19, focused on the world’s most vulnerable people. We’re working to ensure that the global response also protects civil society space and provides NGOs the financial support to continue delivering their life-changing work. Our areas of focus:

  • Working with members to shape a comprehensive and effective UK response to Covid-19 globally. We're advocating for a fast, principled and effective humanitarian response from the UK government. We’re also working to ensure the UK’s aid budget is used to combat the crisis while still helping the world’s most vulnerable. 
  • Engaging with UK government to help NGOs survive financially. We’re connecting with NCVO, the Institute of Fundraising, ACEVO, the Charity Finance Group and others to push for government support to charities. We’re also liaising regularly with DFID to advocate for flexible funding to enable international NGOs to adapt their programmes to respond to the crisis.      
  • Gathering insights on Covid-19’s impact on developing countries and shaping a policy response to short and longer-term concerns. We will look at how we shape a fairer, healthier world once the virus is alleviated, focusing on sustainable economic development, the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action, localisation and international solidarity.
  • Monitoring the virus’s impact on humanitarian efforts, civil society space and human rights legislation. We will also work to ensure civil society space in the UK and internationally won’t be compromised by new regulations.    

Want to get involved in our advocacy? Find out more and join the relevant working group.

Information, advice and resources

We’re sharing guidance, learning and resources on Covid-19 that relate to international development, peacebuilding and humanitarian response.

Check out our regularly updated list of resources and guidance to support your organisation’s operations, fundraising, programmes, staff and volunteers. You can also go directly to sections of guidance below: