Sustainable Development Goals

Influence the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals across the UK and internationally

The purpose of the Bond Sustainable Development Goals Group is to influence the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals by the UK International Development Sector and internationally, to hold the UK government to account for its cross-whitehall international obligations under the SDGs and to monitor DFID’s progress and response to the SDGs. 

The group will focus on advocacy, communications and engagement and helping the sector respond to the goals. It will work through a steering group with two co-chairs, and thematic sub groups. The group as a whole should meet at least every three months with the steering group meeting at least monthly. 

When the group engages in a wider, external analysis the steering group will share timelines and the process by which feedback can be given and implemented into the piece of analysis. The final sign off will remain with the steering group but the road mapping of not only the process but of timelines will be made visible to all members to ensure that all can contribute to the analysis.

For more information please contact Alice Whitehead ([email protected]).