Restless Development team winning the Bond transparency award
Restless Development wins the Bond Transparency Award

Transparency Award

Transparency Award is for organisations at the cutting edge of NGO effectiveness and accountability.

In recent years, multiple stakeholders including funders, governments, supporters, the public, beneficiaries and partners have demanded that NGOs be more open and accountable about how funds are spent and with what result. Transparency that permeates all levels of the organisation is absolutely key to this fundamental shift in how NGOs manage and report on their financial flows.


Restless Development

Restless Development’s focus on being proactively accountable has had benefits for the organisation in their own work and in the work their volunteers do.

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This year’s finalists have led the way in accountability and transparency best practice. Click on the images below to find out more about them.

Publish What You Fund

Publish What You Fund’s Aid Transparency Index has pushed over 70 donors to be more transparent about what they fund and what they do.

Publish What You Can Fund Powerpoint Presentation


WaterAid’s open source IATI publishing tool turns simple spreadsheet data into the complex files required for publication; their slides show how they have been using the tool.

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Click on the videos below to find out more about the other submissions for the Transparency Award. As transparency champions, these projects demonstrate how the organisation is going beyond the minimum requirements needed to tick the transparency box.


World Vision


Check out the terms and conditions and the judging criteria to find out more.