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Friday, August 31, 2018

Since October 2017, Bond, Humentum and a small group of UK-based CSOs have been working with the Department for International Development to co-create a model for cost transparency and cost recovery that provides a more transparent and fair future in the delivery of UK government grants. 

Over a series of meetings, DFID and the CSO group have reached an agreement on a model that has the adoption of the support costs calculation that features in annual audited accounts at its core. DFID will be launching the non project attributed costs (NPAC)/indirect template only from October 2018. They no longer plan to launch the direct costs portion of the template at this stage. This is so they can properly take on board the feedback about the direct costs tabs. An updated version of the cost template, which will include both direct costs and indirect/NPAC, will be launched in Spring 2019 and the intention is that the template will be mandatory across DFID at this stage.

There are still things to be decided and we will continue to work together with DFID on them. 

The new approach was presented at the Funding Working Group meeting on 25 September 2018. Download the template and associated guidance below. 

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