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Future Innovation Cards

13 June 2023 • 

Bond’s Future Innovation Cards is a curated set of 50 innovations to help individuals and organisations challenge their thinking about the future of international development and the UK’s role in it.

Anti-racism and decolonising

28 February 2023 • 

This framework maps out how racism cuts across all areas of our organisations and shows the necessity of an anti-racist and holistic approach to decolonising our organisations to create a fairer, more equitable and racially just sector.

Becoming locally led as an anti-racist practice: a guide

4 October 2022 • 

This draft guide has been developed in response to the growing demand from the international development sector, the UK in particular, to ensure that organisations change how they work, make decisions, and are structured and governed to become more locally led.

Power awareness tool

29 September 2020 • 

This tool has been designed to make power imbalances between donors and INGOs and their local partners more visible, enabling partners to analyse and reflect on power relations.

Safeguarding report-handling toolkit

31 July 2020 • 

This toolkit provides a set of principles and a description of the core elements of a safeguarding report-handling mechanism.