Oli Henman

Global Coordinator

Action for Sustainable Development

Oli Henman is the Global Coordinator of Action for Sustainable Development and he also serves as one of the Organising Partners of the NGO Major Group linked to the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. He has considerable experience in strengthening civil society participation and governance around the world. He supports the engagement of community organisations and national coalitions in the implementation and follow-up of the SDGs, using People’s Scorecards for national accountability. In his previous role at CIVICUS he led key advocacy on the SDG negotiations and campaigns. Prior to CIVICUS, he was Head of Partnerships & International at NCVO; he was also a co-drafter of the Council of Europe’s ‘Code of Good Practice on Civil Participation’. He is half-Brazilian and started his career working on participatory budgeting in the cities and rainforests of Brazil.