The winner of the Volunteer Award, Tim Eden who volunteers with World Child Cancer

Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award highlights exceptional people who have made an outstanding contribution to their organisation and the sector. 

Volunteering in the international development sector ranges from weekend volunteering to working on programmes and fundraising, to using your expertise anywhere in the world.

“The award has enhanced awareness of the concept of International Twinning Partnerships between hospitals, led to invitations to speak about our work, helped to recruit volunteers, and led to support from potential donors and requests from other countries for help.”
   - Tim Eden of World Child Cancer, Volunteer Award winner 2018

This year's nominees

We were looking for a volunteer who has had a significant impact on NGOs' work and the people they seek to help. The winner will be announced on 18 March 2019.

Becky Kroger, volunteer Youth Stop AIDS campaigner

Becky Kroger

"Becky would be a very deserving winner of the Volunteer Award due to her inspirational volunteering on the global HIV response. Becky has inspired decision makers, fought against HIV stigma, influenced policy change and represented other young people living with HIV." - James Cole, Restless Development

Ged Kennedy, information and communication technology advisor, Build It International

Ged Kennedy

"Ged’s skills, experience and relentless energy are helping to build brighter futures in Zambia. His passion and commitment is inspirational, and he has firmly cemented himself as an integral part of the team since he started volunteering in 2016." - Elizabeth Martial, Build It International

Geraldine O'Grady, special educator, MAITS

Geraldine O'Grady

"Geraldine is a special needs teacher whose voluntary work in special schools in India inspired the creation of MAITS, a global disability volunteering charity that has reached over 600,000 people with disabilities in over 20 developing countries." - Esther Hamilton, MAITS

Dr Gerda Pohl, trustee and health volunteer, PHASE Worldwide

Gerda Pohl

"Gerda helped found PHASE Worldwide and has been a volunteer since it was set up in 2005. Her commitment and determination for capacity building in a sustainable way is a unique model that makes such a difference to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world." - Tom Edwards, PHASE Worldwide

Gill Price and Linda Richardson, founders of All in Diary

Gill Price and Linda Richardson

"Through 12 years of tireless volunteering, Linda and Gill created a resource that has grown to be a key ‘go-to’ tool for humanitarians around the world, fundamentally changing information access for aid workers, making aid interventions more effective and improving the lives of people affected by disaster." - Charlie Dalrymple, RedR UK

Haji Fazal Rahman Khan, volunteer fundraiser, Muslim Global Relief

Haji Fazal Rahman Khan

"Haji Fazal Rahman Khan is an amazing and inspirational individual who travels the length of the United Kingdom, raising awareness of Muslim Global Relief and the projects we are running. He is an unrelenting force for good for the many, without any thought for himself, and we feel deserves the recognition owed to him by his peers." - Asma Siddique, Muslim Global Relief

Ian Jepps, volunteer speaker, The Leprosy Mission England and Wales

Ian Jepps

"Through his ongoing dedication to the cause, Ian has surpassed all expectations of being a volunteer and has truly been an integral advocate for TLM and leprosy-affected people. His legacy will make a lasting impact." - Laura Stopczynski, The Leprosy Mission England and Wales

Lauren McCormack, deputy operations manager, Raleigh International

Lauren McCormack

"Across Lauren's time with Raleigh she has worked directly with 15 local communities, hundreds of volunteers and tens of team leaders. She’s helped drive positive change not only in the communities she has worked in but also with those she has worked with, national and international." - Richard Davill, British Red Cross

    Last year's winner and finalists

    The judges selected three inspiring individuals as the finalists. The winner was announced at the awards ceremony on 26 February.

    Winner: Tim Eden, childhood cancer specialist with World Child Cancer - "Professor Tim Eden, a UK childhood cancer specialist, has helped to improve and save the lives of thousands of children with cancer in the developing world."

    Finalist: Ann Norris, volunteer with VSO - "Ann Norris’s passion and influence has truly changed the future for thousands of Albanians living with a disability."

    Finalist: Shamim Abdullah, volunteer with Islamic Relief UK - "We see her as an inspiration and outstanding volunteer in the Islamic Relief family since 2013."

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