Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award finds exceptional people who have made an outstanding contribution to their organisation and the sector. 

Know an outstanding volunteer?

Volunteering in the international development sector takes many different guises with roles ranging from weekend volunteering to working on programmes and in fundraising, to volunteering your expertise anywhere in the world. The tasks volunteers undertake have a huge impact on the beneficiaries and NGOs often could not survive without them.

This is your opportunity to nominate someone who has contributed by devoting their time, energy, passion and expertise to international development. The individual could work for anyone in the humanitarian and development community including INGOs, suppliers to the sector, community organisations or government organisations, but would have volunteered with you.

Judging criteria

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • How compellingly you tell their story
  • Has the individual made an outstanding contribution to humanitarian or international development work
  • Who and how many people were reached
  • Has the individual made a lasting impact on the lives of others
  • Does the individual's story inspire others to act

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Last year's winner

The Volunteer Award is a new award for 2018. In 2017 Seema Ghani won the Outstanding Individual Award for her chairpersonship of Hand in Hand Afghanistan, which saw the organisation improve the lives of 166,000 people.