British Council won the Collaboration Award for their ILMPOSSIBLE: Take a child to school project

Collaboration Award

The Collaboration Award recognises the importance of effective relationships and collaborations within and across disciplines to tackle difficult issues.

We want to celebrate collaborations which highlight what is working and what is possible when diverse organisations and sectors come together to achieve a shared goal.

Are you collaborating?

We want to hear from organisations that have successfully worked together on a project with a mix of organisations and individuals – for instance, local entrepreneurs, governments, funders, the private sector, consultants, academics or researchers. A successful collaboration could mean you've overcome particular obstacles, used technology creatively, or found new ways to collaborate across geographical boundaries. You may have had to compromise or take calculated risks with new collaborations that hadn't been tried before. 

Judging criteria

Your video and accompanying entry form will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The narrative - how compellingly you tell the project's story  
  • The currency - how you interpret and respond to current global challenges
  • The reach - who and how many people were reached and how you measured this
  • The impact - what is the likelihood of impact and sustainability
  • The collaboration - how the collaboration led to the successes or failures of this project

All of the points above must be addressed in your video entry. We will not accept any marketing videos that do not address the above.

How to enter

Deadline for entries: 5pm on Friday 28 September 2018. There are two parts to the application.

  1. Submit a short video (maximum one and a half minutes in .avi or .mp4 format). Click here to see our guidance on what the video should include - the video can be simple and you will not be judged on the production values. Please email this to awards@bond.org.uk by the deadline.
  2. Complete the accompanying entry submission form. Here you can provide further information about the entry and explain why you think you should win.

The video does not need to be sent at the same time as the form, but both parts of the application need to have been received by the deadline. Your entry will not be considered if we do not have both parts of the application.

Please note: you have to be a Bond member to enter. Please read the terms and conditions before entering.

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Last year's winner and finalists

The judges selected three projects as the finalists, with the winner announced at the awards ceremony on 26 February 2018.

Winner: British Council - ILMPOSSIBLE: Take a Child to School
The British Council worked with the Free and Fair Election Network, Children's Global Network-Pakistan, the School of Leadership Foundation and 25 civil society organisations to address Pakistan's problem with out-of-school children.

Finalist: IDS - Achieving fairer taxation in Africa
This project by the International Centre for Tax and Development, based at the Institute of Development Studies, the Ugandan Revenue Authority and Rwandan Revenue Authority has resulted in more equitable and efficient taxation.


Finalist: Stars Foundation - With and For Girls
The With and For Girls Collective is a group of organisations that share the belief that girls voices matter; girls are best placed to lead and inform on issues that affect them.


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