Bond’s board members currently consist of 10 trustees, including four honorary officers (a chair, two vice chairs and a treasurer).

Trustees are generally elected from within the membership, but up to four trustees may be co-opted by the board to ensure the right mix of skills and experience. Currently, there is one co-opted trustee, the treasurer.

Trustees serve a three-year term, and can be re-elected for a maximum of two terms. The board sets the strategy for Bond, and the implementation is delegated to the staff team.

Board members


Kate Sayer


Nick Waring (co-opted)


Anushree Rao

Jen Codman

Charlotte Timson

Monowara Gani

Rainatow Sow

Stella Opoku-Owusu

Zoë Abrams

Graham Gordon

Jasmina Haynes

Othman Moqbel


Bond is a charitable registered company limited by guarantee. It was incorporated on 1 July 1997 and registered as a charity on 25 March 1998. Registered Charity No. 1068839. Company Registration No. 3395681 (England and Wales).

The company was established under a memorandum of association which established the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed under its articles of association.

Articles of Association, as adopted by a special resolution passed on 23 November 2023 at the Bond AGM.

If you would like to find out more about Bond, its activities and the last five years of audited accounts and trustee’s reports, please see our entry in the Charity Commission’s online register of charities.

If you have any questions about the governance of Bond, or about applying to become a trustee, please contact us.