Anushree Shiroor

Anushree Rao

Director of policy and campaigns
Concern Worldwide (UK) 

Anushree Rao is director of policy and campaigns at Concern Worldwide (UK). 

Anushree was promoted to director level in 2021. She has also held a number of advocacy roles at Results UK. She is an independent expert group member of The Global Nutrition Report, which looks at malnutrition across the world, and how it can be addressed. 


Young boys and girls in Bamako, Mali eating outside
11 May 2021
We have no time to waste if we are truly committed to ending hunger and malnutrition in the next decade. The question is – are the G7 leaders ready to put their money where their mouths are?
Kitchen garden in Burundi
16 October 2017
With around 2 billion people worldwide malnourished, a new report analyses DFID's nutrition programmes to see what impact they are having and what more needs to be done.