What makes a good “locally led” funder?

Stories from your partners

27 October 2022Recrear; Bond; The Local Trust

This collection of stories provides concrete ideas to help design funding models that are accessible and appropriate for community-led development. It is designed for institutional donors, NGOs, development agencies, foundations, philanthropies – any person or institution who intends to resource development work within the UK and internationally.

These stories are a practical tool. We hope that you will be able to pick up concrete ideas and inspiration to design funding models that are accessible and appropriate to enable locally led development.

What have we learnt from the community leaders and funders through this collection of stories?

  • The stories show that the UK national and international development sector works as a system where everyone has a role to play, from funders to national intermediaries to community activists
  • The most significant element in each story was how, above all else, relationships matter in community-led change
  • Community-led approaches are more sustainable

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