Civic Space

Coordinate and facilitate advocacy and share practical learning on civic space and related issues

In many countries around the world, civil society groups and human rights defenders are coming under increased pressure from governments and non-state actors. Additionally, the introduction of emergency laws in response to Covid-19 have placed unprecedented restrictions on basic rights and freedoms and pose new challenges for civil society.

The Bond Civic Space working group seeks to coordinate and facilitate advocacy towards the UK Government on civil society space and related topics such as media freedom, human rights defenders, governance, and democracy. Members will also share and discuss the latest research and learning on these issues.

In the short term, the group aims to support civil society participation in and contribute to the work of the DFID-NGO Covid-19 Rights and Governance Taskforce.

In the longer term, the group aims to:

  •  coordinate and facilitate advocacy on civic space towards UK Government, primarily DFID and FCO but also other aid spending departments
  • To share latest research and practical learning on civic space and related issues