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Learn about funding, project management, advocacy, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and safeguarding.

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List of training by theme

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Managing the project cycle

Next date
14 October 2019 11
available spaces
Find out all you need to know about how to plan, run and manage an international development project, with a specific focus on the practical planning and implementation phases.
Upcoming dates
14 October 2019 (11)
2 March 2020 (17)
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Project design: the logical framework approach

Next date
16 October 2019 14
available spaces
This course will take you step by step through the process of creating a logframe. You will get to grips with the logic, learn how to write useful indicators and think about how to verify them.
Upcoming dates
16 October 2019 (14)
4 March 2020 (18)
Colourful loom

Project Management (PMD Pro) Level 1 Certification

Next date
18 October 2019 Registration closed
available spaces
This programme enables you to achieve an internationally recognised project management qualification tailored to the international development and humanitarian sectors.
Upcoming dates
18 October 2019 (Registration closed)
21 November 2019 (16)
6 March 2020 (17)
crystal clear waters

IATI publishing essentials

Next date
29 October 2019 18
available spaces
This course is for organisations receiving funds where IATI is a requirement. It gives participants the skills needed to publish data effectively and efficiently to any donor.
Upcoming dates
29 October 2019 (18)
Woman in red print dress sitting on the ground with a laptop

Fundraising from foundations

Next date
30 October 2019 16
available spaces
Building relationships is crucial to successful fundraising from trusts and foundations and this course shows you how.
Upcoming dates
30 October 2019 (16)
Trainer and participant at Bond training

Introduction to monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning

Next date
4 November 2019 13
available spaces
This one-day course will introduce the principles and approaches of monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning that underpin good quality programme planning and implementation.
Upcoming dates
4 November 2019 (13)
10 February 2020 (18)
Graph of data

Planning and practice in monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning

Next date
5 November 2019 15
available spaces
Improve and strengthen your skills and learn more about designing and adapting different approaches and methods for monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL).
Upcoming dates
5 November 2019 (15)
11 February 2020 (18)
Digital data

Tools and methods for monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning

Next date
7 November 2019 18
available spaces
This practical, one-day course gives you a thorough grounding in a range of participatory monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL) methods, tools and approaches.
Upcoming dates
7 November 2019 (18)
13 February 2020 (17)
Team working together on the beach to pull in ropes from the sea

Theory of change essentials

Next date
11 November 2019 16
available spaces
Learn what a theory of change is and work through the key stages in developing one. Discover key principles, apply best practice and understand how it complements other planning and accountability processes.
Upcoming dates
11 November 2019 (16)
Calculator and pen

DFID contracts in more depth - in Washington DC

Next date
21 November 2019 Registration closed
available spaces
We have partnered with Humentum to run our popular intermediate-level DFID contracts course in Washington DC. Take this after DFID contracts essentials to transform your organisation's performance when bidding for and delivering DFID contracts.
Upcoming dates
21 November 2019 (Registration closed)
EU notebook

Managing EC contracts and reporting on EC grants

Demystify the European Commission’s stringent compliance rules, review your contract management obligations and get a practical handle on how to meet the EC's reporting requirements. Delivered in-house for your organisation.
European Union flag against blue sky

Putting together an EC project proposal

This course is most suitable for people responsible for fundraising from the European Commission and proposal writing for the European Commission. Delivered in-house for your organisation.



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This course’s method was really effective, taking you through a process you can easily replicate.
Rebecca Weaver-Boyes, Tearfund

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