Bespoke training for your organisation

Due to the pandemic, we're continuing to deliver all our training online.  We offer training on a broad range of essential topics such as safeguarding, project management, fundraising, advocacy and influencing, transparency and grants and contracts from FCDO and other donors and institutions.

Our bespoke service is a cost-effective and convenient solution designed to meet your specific training needs. From the start, we work closely with you to clarify your learning objectives, scrutinise the detail of the course content and explore options to adapt it using your own context, case studies or documents. We then match your requirements with one of our expert trainers.

  • Tailored approach: our bespoke training offers flexibility over topic, course length, level, delivery method and venue.  Tailored to fit the needs of your organisation.
  • Expertise: our team of associate trainers have a wide range of expertise and sector experience. We select a trainer with the most relevant practical experience to meet your organisational training needs.
  • Cost-efficient: bespoke training is competitively priced and likely to be the most cost-efficient option if you have a group of staff to train. Bond members received a substantial discount.
  • Proven quality: over many years, we've delivered successful training for small and large NGOs, charities, government departments, UN agencies, international bodies, educational institutions and private sector organisations.

We are proud to have delivered training to a diverse range of organisations in the UK and around the world, including to staff teams based in different countries and national in-country organisations.

Some of the training we can deliver to your organisation

We can come to you to deliver training on a wide range of international development and humanitarian topics detailed in our open training programme:

  • Our safeguarding courses focus on developing robust safeguarding practice and managing safeguarding investigations. Safeguarding for trustees is a bespoke workshop to equip boards of trustees to meet their safeguarding responsibilities.
  • Our funding training equips staff to make the strongest proposal or contract bid and meet donor reporting and grant management requirements. Exclusive to bespoke training is Managing EC contracts and reporting on EC grants and EC project proposal writing.
  • Our monitoring & evaluation courses provide the practical skills needed to design and set up monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning processes and systems.
  • Our advocacy training upskills staff to create an effective advocacy strategy, strengthen strategic clarity and embed learning. UK corridors of power delves into how UK policy is made and put into practice.
  • Our project management courses get to the heart of designing, managing and evaluating projects and programmes to have the greatest impact.
  • Exclusive to bespoke training is Innovation essentials, designed to enable your staff get to grips with the key principles and stages of innovation, and practice using innovation techniques, and IATI publishing essentials, for organisations receiving funds where IATI is a requirement, giving you the knowledge and skills needed to publish data effectively and efficiently to any donor.

If you have some specific international development or humanitarian training in mind that’s not covered here, please get in touch as we can also develop new bespoke training for organisations working in these sectors.

To discuss your requirements and for a quote, please fill in the contact form and we will be in touch shortly.


Siobhan O’Dowd from Frontline Aids says:

I will highly recommend this course to everyone who is or about to manage an EC contract. Good to have this in-house.

Katy Cheney from Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad says:

We were very happy with the one day, in-house Bond Safeguarding training. It was pitched at exactly the right level for our team members with a good balance of thought provoking content, interactive group sessions and tailored exercises to help us develop our approach. Our trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable and flexible in managing a multilingual environment.

Organisations we delivered training for


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