Racial representation in communications and fundraising

9 March 2020Bond People in the Pictures Group

In light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests and discussions of racism in the UK NGO sector, many NGOs have started important conversations about representation across their organisation and in their communications and fundraising.

The movement has driven an awakening around the dangers of stereotyping on a scale unseen before, which offers a valuable opportunity to more carefully consider the narratives we contribute to, and the people involved in decisions about the portrayal of those who contribute to our storytelling.

In this recorded online discussion, you will:

  • hear from a panel of people of colour working in international communications, who will give their perspective on representation and dignity in INGO communications and how this contributes to the narrative about race.
  • explore the steps we can take towards making more positive contributions to perceptions about race and development.
  • hear the approaches panellists’ are taking in their own organisations, including from Save the Children on its recent commitment to reconstruct its storytelling.
  • get the chance to explore any progress or obstacles you’re facing in driving change in your organisation’s storytelling.

This online event is facilitated by the Bond People in the Pictures Group and includes a Q&A.

You can also check out our ethical guidelines for the collection and use of content (images and stories). We also offer an online training course on the practicalities and processes of gathering and creating content from your programmes, which runs 8-15 October.

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