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Good governance for safeguarding: A guide for UK NGO boards

5 January 2019Bond

This practical guide explores six ways that trustees of UK-based NGOs should take the lead on safeguarding.

The sector has committed to driving up safeguarding standards following last year’s media revelations. Trustees have a key role to play in this through setting the culture, behaviour and priorities of their organisations.

This guide is for boards of all UK-based international NGOs, regardless of size or whether or not they are directly involved in programme delivery.

The six sections cover:

  1. Setting a culture that makes staff feel comfortable and supported to raise concerns
  2. Reducing risk and ensuring that the organisation has assessed its safeguarding risk profile
  3. Making sure the right policies are in place for raising issues and encouraging speaking up
  4. Ensuring that when issues are raised they are investigated correctly and thoroughly
  5. How to articulate the organisation’s policies for supporting survivors
  6. Recommendations to ensure openness and accountability in relation to safeguarding.

The guide was produced by the cross-sector safeguarding working group, with special thanks to Rose Caldwell from Concern Worldwide UK, Emma Dowden-Teale from Bates Wells Braithwaite and Alexandra Angulo from Mercy Corps. Find out more about Bond groups. The report was funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

Bond offers a number of safeguarding training courses, including bespoke workshops for boards of trustees. Find out more about Bond’s safeguarding support, including policy templates.

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