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Anti-racism resources and facilitators

16 September 2020Bond

We’re challenging UK INGOs to look inwards and interrogate the institutional structures that we operate and live in, including the ways of managing, communicating and working that perpetuate systemic inequalities and racial discrimination.

Here we’ve gathered information, resources, reading lists and facilitators to help NGOs start to become actively anti-racist. We will be updating this page regularly. You can also find out more about our work on anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion.
If you have any questions, please contact Lena Bheeroo – [email protected].


Organisations that deliver consultation and training on anti-racism, diversity and inclusion:

Initiatives dismantling racism in the sector

  • Bond has created a new working group for those who identify as people of colour working in Bond member organisations.
    The People of Colour in Development Group is a brave space for people of colour (POC) working across the development and humanitarian sector. Following last year’s resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, a spotlight has been shone on the issues of racism and inequality in development. The group members will share experiences and learning, both individually and from their organisations, and come together to influence the sector to address racism and inequality.
  • #CharitySoWhite is a group of volunteers who are POC working in the charity sector, including Bond’s Lena Bheeroo. They aim to root out racism in the sector and advocate for the UK charity sector to lead on anti-racism.
  • Healing Solidarity is as a multi-racial collective of consultants that supports organisations to build the “missing” skillsets which have been laid bare in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and #BlackLivesMatter uprisings around the world. The collective helps organisations build anti-racist practice and culture, and work to usher in the political courage, cultural humility and an ethic of care in the nonprofit and philanthropy sector. Its consultancy work helps resource its online conference, space and events.
  • Diasporic Development is a community of (aspiring) black professionals interested in and/or working in global development and the third sector.
  • The Racial Equity Index was formed by a dedicated group of people (including Bond’s Lena Bheeroo) who wanted to explore the lack of and need for a racial equity index within the international development sector. The Racial Equity Index is a global group of BIPOC people (Black, Indigenous and People of Color).
  • The Equity Index is a UK social enterprise advocating for greater equity across the international development sector. It will measure and track the multiple dimensions of equity in the internal and external workings of UK development organisations to influence meaningful change in their policies, practices, and partnerships. This includes racial and gender equity, equity in knowledge production, in funding and in collaborations.
  • Gender and Development Network’s Women of Colour Forum (GADN WOC Forum) is a working group with GADN. As part of GADN’s commitment to a more critical understanding of race, post-coloniality and intersectionality within international development discourse and practice, GADN is creating a space for women of colour working in the UK aid sector. GADN recognises that women of colour need their own spaces to gather and be free from mainstream marginalisation and discrimination. Find out more by contacting [email protected]

Reading & resources