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Rose Caldwell

Concern Worldwide (UK)

Rose became executive director of Concern Worldwide (UK) in 2008. Under her leadership, the organisation has developed a focus on hunger and malnutrition, the tackling of which is at the heart of addressing extreme poverty. Driven by her experience of working overseas with Concern Worldwide in emergency contexts in Burundi and Zimbabwe, Rose is also committed to ensuring that the organisation plays a key role in responding to those who are worst affected by the increasing number and scale of humanitarian crises. 

A qualified chartered accountant by training, Rose has previously worked as a management consultant, the finance director of a mental health charity and as assistant director for the Refugee Housing Association. Rose is currently on the Board of Bond and the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).


A boy in front of a tank carrying a plate of small fish
This year's Global Hunger Index highlights the connection between conflict and instability and food security, and the need to urgently address the former in order to end world hunger.
13 October 2015