Mike Shanley

Founder and CEO


Mike Shanley is the founder and CEO of Konektid International, a consulting firm that advises clients on partnering with USAID. He has spent nearly 15 years of of his career working in the USAID market, including leading USAID business development and project management activities at Chemonics International, one of USAID’s largest partners. He has designed and managed more than $200 million dollars in USAID projects in nearly every region where USAID works.

In 2013, he founded Konektid with the goal of bringing new approaches, innovations and products to USAID projects around the world. Konektid supports USAID prime proposal development, designing and managing USAID revenue strategies for subcontractors, and management of USAID funding.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-shanley-9283779/
Website: konektid.com