Michael O'Donnell

Michael O'Donnell


Head of Effectiveness and Learning at Bond, Michael oversees work on Bond's effectiveness and transparency services, and funding policy. He is also co-chair of the Bond Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Group.

Twitter: @modonnell151
LinkedIn: Michael O'Donnell


The main focus of Brexit discussions in the UK development sector is understandably EC funding and exchange rates. But there’s a less visible and potentially more dangerous funding threat to deal with.
12 July 2016
Omar in his wheelchair with his brother and sister
There are few people who would argue with the principle that people with disabilities should be included and supported in NGO programmes. But beyond the commitments and the rhetoric, how hard is it really to do this?
26 November 2015
Street view through a glass window
As a sector, we have trouble maintaining trust and legitimacy in a number of quarters. Greater transparency has to be part of the solution.
29 June 2015
Open sign
It seems to be the time of year that transparency comes back onto the agenda.
15 October 2014