Liz Lowther

Liz Lowther

Interim head of innovation and learning

As interim head of innovation and learning, Liz is focused on helping NGOs become more effective and #futurefit. She has worked in management and training roles at VSO and Children in Crisis, and most recently was programme director at the Clore Social Leadership Programme, where she continues to coach emerging leaders. Liz is passionate about helping leaders and organisations to innovate, adapt and increase their resilience.

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8 February 2017
Imran A. Khan, chief global technical lead at Sightsavers, discusses how balancing space for experimenting with delivering projects is key to being an innovative organisation.
Boy in wheelchair
12 December 2016
Richard Frost, CEO of Motivation, discusses the organisation's social enterprise approach to providing more wheelchairs to developing countries.
Team going over the business strategy plan
30 November 2016
In early November, members of Bond’s Futures and Innovation Working Group met with senior leaders from the Big Issue Invest group and Veolia to explore how organisations can challenge their existing business models to thrive in a changing world.