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Masai women in Kenya
23 September 2020
The constrictions bought upon INGOs by Covid-19 has highlighted the need to better support local partners. How can we rethink organisational models to achieve this goal?
22 September 2020
In the context of Covid-19, governments and NGOs must make communities central to their understanding of the interlinkages between human health, animal welfare and the environment.
Young entrepreneur Buram promptly changed the focus of her sewing business to produce face masks for her local community in Mongolia.
16 September 2020
In times of uncertainty, both entrepreneurs and organisations have the ability and impetus to experiment and innovate with new ideas and approaches. What can civil society learn from the business world?
COVID-19 emergency response activities, Madartek, Basabo, Dhaka
14 September 2020
The APPG has released its report into how the SDGs can be used as a roadmap for recovery. We look at what needs to be done to make sure we build back better.
Wheelchair basketball
9 September 2020
People with disabilities sit at the heart of the Covid-19 crisis, yet they are often the least supported. How can this be changed?
3 September 2020
The crises this year has placed many NGOs in financial difficulty. Mergers have become an option considered by charity leaders and trustees alike from a position of financial necessity, but they may not be the only option.
Dominic Raab chairs the First Meeting of the FCDO
3 September 2020
With the newly created foreign, commonwealth and development office opening it's doors this week, we look at the risks and opportunities for development, and how the new department can help the world's most vulnerable people.
International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell (second from right) looks on as Prime Minister David Cameron addresses the audience at the London Summit on Family Planning in 2012
28 August 2020
As the Department for International Development (DFID) closes its doors, we reflect on some of its many achievements over the last two decades.
6 August 2020
DFID's annual report and accounts for 2019-20 was recently released, and provides a snapshot of the UK's main aid-spending department prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the decision to merge DFID with FCO.
5 August 2020
As Covid-19 disrupts every aspect of our collective lives, the pandemic throws into relief how underprepared and unsustainable our societies are.
People at a festival
31 July 2020
With support for aid in decline, new research into British public perceptions explores how a focus on “distant” audiences can help to turn the tide.
A Pakistani man stands outside a UK-funded temporary shelter after flooding in Sindh
27 July 2020
With so much left unknown and the lack of detail offered by the government, the proposed aid cuts risk falling hardest on the world’s poorest people already bearing the brunt of Covid-19. 
A banana market in Kitwa, Uganda
22 July 2020
As the nature of power changes and fractures, we explore what these global shifts mean for the UK’s international development sector.
UK aid for people fleeing violence in Myanmar
17 July 2020
The International Development Select Committee criticises the UK government’s “out of the blue” decision to scrap DFID, saying the merger will jeopardise the effectiveness of UK aid spending.
14 July 2020
This week's UN High-Level Political Forum marks one year since the UK presented its progress on the SDGs. We look at what the UK still needs to do to meet the goals.
A refugee camp in Myanmar, built with the help of UK Aid
8 July 2020
The UK government must take urgent steps to ensure that DFID’s high standards for aid spending are maintained by the new department, starting with three pressing policy priorities.
This is amazing, I love it." Portrait of Veronique Eulalie Rasoarimanana outside her home in Madagascar.
29 July 2019
It is not enough to ask if you can take someone's photo. A look at the importance of having conversations with the people you're working with before sharing their story.
Views of cities lit up at night from space
24 May 2019
Exploring the ethical questions surrounding how we use data to provide effective humanitarian assistance.
British newspapers
22 May 2019
Understanding how people use and view different media outlets can help NGOs tell their stories more effectively.
8 May 2019
Nine recommendations for better advocacy, based on the experience of a campaign coordinating efforts to make the case for aid.
Youth activist dressed as a superhero in Berne, Switzerland
16 April 2019
Focusing more on hope and values in our communications could help us to shift public opinion about our work.
Women marching in Sao Paulo, Brazil
9 April 2019
Civil society advocacy has had lots of successes but our current strategies are not winning over enough to people to achieve structural change.
Indian trans activist Abheena Aher on stage at Bond Conference
21 March 2019
Key takeaways from Europe’s biggest international development event.
Woman holding a placard on a march
31 January 2019
Asking ourselves why our advocacy doesn't work can hurt but it also helps us to understand what we need to do next.
1 April 2020
Many donors are adapting their practices and funding agreements to enable organisations to respond to challenges arising from the Covid-19 crisis.
Children in Sindh, Pakistan, play at a water pump in a village.
12 February 2020
In an increasingly competitive funding environment, it's crucial that INGOs diversify their funding models to remain sustainable. Here are five tips on how to do so.
Nana Afadzinu holding a workshop on #ShiftThePower
16 January 2020
NGOs in the global south often have to jump through hoops for foreign donors. They are bereft of power in many ways. How can we shift the power to make it more balanced?
Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia
9 January 2020
It is not about whether Africa needs investment. It is about what kind of investment, where, for who and how.
Last will and testament
23 October 2019
An estimated £3 billion was left in wills to charities last year. How can your NGO show people you're worth leaving money to?
Zoe Abrahamson, Juliet Chua and Graham Mackay open our Funding for Development Conference
10 October 2019
Highlights and takeaways from our third annual Funding for Development Conference.
EU and UK flags
17 September 2019
With no-deal brexit still a very real possibility, what can UK NGOs do to ensure they get access to DFID's assurance policy?
12 September 2019
ChildHope UK drew on the expertise of local partners to build a consultancy to deliver their mission and financial value.
Child collects water from pump in Sierra Leone
25 June 2019
Governments must act with renewed vigour on targeted interventions on water, sanitation and hygiene to achieve Agenda 2030.
Men standing around a landed drone
4 June 2019
115 DFID staff across 37 countries identified what emerging forms of technology they think will most change development.
Money exchanged between two people in Kenya
30 May 2019
Working internationally in challenging contexts demands responsiveness and flexibility.
Refugees queuing in Hamburg
25 April 2019
There is a growing interest in the idea of INGOs running programmes in their home countries as well as the global south, but this approach raises a number of challenges.
Shuttered shops in Aleppo
17 April 2019
Four takeaways from the Bond Conference session on getting funds and resources to people in conflict zones.
Indian trans activist Abheena Aher on stage at Bond Conference
21 March 2019
Key takeaways from Europe’s biggest international development event.
Meeting in Muzzafarpur, Bihar, India
13 March 2019
Three ways INGO research differs from other forms of research and the opportunities and challenges that it faces.
Two boys on a bike in new housing development in Malawi
12 March 2019
Affordable homes stimulate economic and social changes that impact many of the Sustainable Development Goals.
How do we plan for an uncertain future?
9 October 2019
We talk to Duncan Green of Oxfam GB about planning for the future when there is so much uncertainty
Satellite image
8 August 2019
A look at some promising ideas and projects showing how artificial intelligence can potentially help with international development.
City skyline at night
12 June 2019
Olivier Usher from Nesta explores the transformational implications of data-driven tech in international development, and asks the important questions: what it’s for and who benefits?
Men standing around a landed drone
4 June 2019
115 DFID staff across 37 countries identified what emerging forms of technology they think will most change development.
Islamic coins
28 February 2019
Islamic social finance has huge potential as a financial tool for the humanitarian funding gap, and now rivals conventional banking.
Tanzanian woman and child with computer learning about digital
12 February 2019
More and more organisations are endorsing the Principles for Digital Development, which help guide the effective use of technology.
Silhouette of road sign
7 February 2019
NGO leaders need to make brave decisions in order to adapt and evolve for the future.
Mobile phone with lots of apps on screen
1 November 2018
Some recent examples of NGO mobile apps and three things to think about before making your own.
Oxfam, Byres Road, Coronavirus sign
8 April 2020
With NGOs scaling back programmes and cutting back staff, our recent survey shows organisations need grant flexibility to survive beyond the next three months.
16 March 2020
A look at how the roles, candidates and searches for jobs in the international development and humanitarian sector are changing in 2020.
"Hope" a CSO special plenary session hosted by UN Women
4 February 2020
70% of INGO staff are women, but only 30% of those women reach the top of their organisations. We look at the social and systemic barriers preventing women and women of colour from progressing in their careers.
Bond Conference 2019
18 December 2019
A look back at some of our achievements and accomplishments in 2019 across the international development and humanitarian sectors.
Locals working at food store in Apac District of Northern Uganda
22 November 2019
With civil society under threat across the world, 150 leaders came together at the Global Perspectives conference to explore new ways to help civil society organisations thrive.
Delegates voting at the AGM
19 November 2019
Laura Jump was confirmed as a trustee to the board, and new guidelines on the ethical collection of images and stories were added to Bond's charter at Bond AGM.
Simon Starling
13 November 2019
Simon brings over 20 years of international development experience to his new role.
ICRC providing clean drinking water at a refugee camp in Liberia
15 October 2019
We’re talking to Bond members and sector leaders to identify what the future should look like for the UK international development sector.

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