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Crowd of people composing a world map
7 December 2020
While we need solid emergency leadership in the short term to respond to Covid-19, we need visionary thinking as well, to build a new idea like a global public.
Women in Africa
4 December 2020
Ending FGM/C will mean we can finally say goodbye to an act which is carried out needlessly on the bodies of 4.1 million girls each year, and continues to undermine the lives of millions of women daily. 
Woman on crutches
3 December 2020
With the new FCDO, greater integration of foreign policy aims and a shrinking aid budget, how will people with disabilities fare in the government’s new foreign policy and development plans? 
People in Lebanon share ABAAD’s hotline number from their balconies to encourage women experiencing domestic violence to seek help.
1 December 2020
It’s important to celebrate and learn the lessons of an impressive, multidimensional civil society response to Covid-19 that has made the difference to so many people.
Elderly people in Mozambique
27 November 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has put into sharp focus how older people can be disproportionately impacted by crises, be it a health crisis, environmental disasters or armed conflict.
Dominic Raab entering the FCDO
26 November 2020
Dominic Raab announced today that the government will be seeking to bring forward new legislation that will allow the UK government to cut the amount it spends on ODA.
25 November 2020
The UK government announces it will abandon legally-binding commitment to spend 0.7% of GNI on aid in 2021.
Zoom meeting
20 November 2020
Stella Opoku-Owusu, Rainatou Sow and Monowara Gani were elected to the Bond board of trustees by members at our annual general meeting yesterday.
Prime minister Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak inside number 10
19 November 2020
Reports that the government is considering cutting the ODA budget to 0.5% of GNI have been met with criticism and opposition from across the political spectrum.
Celebration in D.C. after Joe Biden is announced as the winner. Eleanor Holmes Norton hears the news while speaking at McPherson Square.
12 November 2020
Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump to become president of the US. We look at what his election means for humanitarian assistance and international development.
A student chooses a book from a cabinet at the Groupe Scolair Ruhanga school in Burera District of Rwanda.
15 October 2020
Next year’s Global Partnership for Education replenishment summit, co-hosted by the UK, will be a crucial test of the international community’s commitment to education in a post-pandemic world.
Masai women in Kenya
23 September 2020
The constrictions bought upon INGOs by Covid-19 has highlighted the need to better support local partners. How can we rethink organisational models to achieve this goal?
22 September 2020
In the context of Covid-19, governments and NGOs must make communities central to their understanding of the interlinkages between human health, animal welfare and the environment.
COVID-19 emergency response activities, Madartek, Basabo, Dhaka
14 September 2020
The APPG has released its report into how the SDGs can be used as a roadmap for recovery. We look at what needs to be done to make sure we build back better.
Wheelchair basketball
9 September 2020
People with disabilities sit at the heart of the Covid-19 crisis, yet they are often the least supported. How can this be changed?
Dominic Raab chairs the First Meeting of the FCDO
3 September 2020
With the newly created foreign, commonwealth and development office opening it's doors this week, we look at the risks and opportunities for development, and how the new department can help the world's most vulnerable people.
Woman standing in front of a mountain with headphones in
29 August 2019
With podcasts increasing in popularity with audiences across the UK, here are some things to consider before starting your own series.
This is amazing, I love it." Portrait of Veronique Eulalie Rasoarimanana outside her home in Madagascar.
29 July 2019
It is not enough to ask if you can take someone's photo. A look at the importance of having conversations with the people you're working with before sharing their story.
Views of cities lit up at night from space
24 May 2019
Exploring the ethical questions surrounding how we use data to provide effective humanitarian assistance.
British newspapers
22 May 2019
Understanding how people use and view different media outlets can help NGOs tell their stories more effectively.
8 May 2019
Nine recommendations for better advocacy, based on the experience of a campaign coordinating efforts to make the case for aid.
Youth activist dressed as a superhero in Berne, Switzerland
16 April 2019
Focusing more on hope and values in our communications could help us to shift public opinion about our work.
Women marching in Sao Paulo, Brazil
9 April 2019
Civil society advocacy has had lots of successes but our current strategies are not winning over enough to people to achieve structural change.
Indian trans activist Abheena Aher on stage at Bond Conference
21 March 2019
Key takeaways from Europe’s biggest international development event.
Oxfam, Byres Road, Coronavirus sign
8 April 2020
With NGOs scaling back programmes and cutting back staff, our recent survey shows organisations need grant flexibility to survive beyond the next three months.
1 April 2020
Many donors are adapting their practices and funding agreements to enable organisations to respond to challenges arising from the Covid-19 crisis.
Children in Sindh, Pakistan, play at a water pump in a village.
12 February 2020
In an increasingly competitive funding environment, it's crucial that INGOs diversify their funding models to remain sustainable. Here are five tips on how to do so.
Nana Afadzinu holding a workshop on #ShiftThePower
16 January 2020
NGOs in the global south often have to jump through hoops for foreign donors. They are bereft of power in many ways. How can we shift the power to make it more balanced?
Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia
9 January 2020
It is not about whether Africa needs investment. It is about what kind of investment, where, for who and how.
Last will and testament
23 October 2019
An estimated £3 billion was left in wills to charities last year. How can your NGO show people you're worth leaving money to?
Zoe Abrahamson, Juliet Chua and Graham Mackay open our Funding for Development Conference
10 October 2019
Highlights and takeaways from our third annual Funding for Development Conference.
EU and UK flags
17 September 2019
With no-deal brexit still a very real possibility, what can UK NGOs do to ensure they get access to DFID's assurance policy?
Child collects water from pump in Sierra Leone
25 June 2019
Governments must act with renewed vigour on targeted interventions on water, sanitation and hygiene to achieve Agenda 2030.
Men standing around a landed drone
4 June 2019
115 DFID staff across 37 countries identified what emerging forms of technology they think will most change development.
Money exchanged between two people in Kenya
30 May 2019
Working internationally in challenging contexts demands responsiveness and flexibility.
Refugees queuing in Hamburg
25 April 2019
There is a growing interest in the idea of INGOs running programmes in their home countries as well as the global south, but this approach raises a number of challenges.
Shuttered shops in Aleppo
17 April 2019
Four takeaways from the Bond Conference session on getting funds and resources to people in conflict zones.
Indian trans activist Abheena Aher on stage at Bond Conference
21 March 2019
Key takeaways from Europe’s biggest international development event.
Meeting in Muzzafarpur, Bihar, India
13 March 2019
Three ways INGO research differs from other forms of research and the opportunities and challenges that it faces.
Two boys on a bike in new housing development in Malawi
12 March 2019
Affordable homes stimulate economic and social changes that impact many of the Sustainable Development Goals.
An EU helicopter delivers emergency supplies in Uganda
28 May 2020
INGOs must demonstrate not only how to mitigate the crises of the present, but also how to prepare for ever more complex and uncertain types of humanitarian crises in the future.
A woman on her phone
27 May 2020
Having surveyed over 5,000 people in Africa on their concerns around Covid-19, GeoPoll provides tips for NGOs to gather data safely and efficiently in developing countries.
Eleven Integrity Action partner representatives came together from Afghanistan, DRC, Kenya, Nepal and Palestine at a workshop in Kathmandu in 2019
5 May 2020
Ideas to address the power disparities in partnerships between grant-holding INGOs in the global north and organisations in the south.
ICRC providing clean drinking water at a refugee camp in Liberia
15 October 2019
We’re talking to Bond members and sector leaders to identify what the future should look like for the UK international development sector.
How do we plan for an uncertain future?
9 October 2019
We talk to Duncan Green of Oxfam GB about planning for the future when there is so much uncertainty
Satellite image
8 August 2019
A look at some promising ideas and projects showing how artificial intelligence can potentially help with international development.
City skyline at night
12 June 2019
Olivier Usher from Nesta explores the transformational implications of data-driven tech in international development, and asks the important questions: what it’s for and who benefits?
Men standing around a landed drone
4 June 2019
115 DFID staff across 37 countries identified what emerging forms of technology they think will most change development.
6 July 2020
Now is the time for boards and executive leadership teams to make the tough decisions that have been looming for the last five years.
2 July 2020
A look at the long-term income trends of seven of the larger INGO families, and the five main challenges to INGOs’ sustainability in a post-Covid world.
Black Lives Matter protest in USA
17 June 2020
This public moment on Black Lives Matter is our chance to interrogate and dismantle racism and anti-blackness in international development.
Conference call
14 April 2020
Practical tips and insights for CEOs to lead your organisation’s crisis response to Covid-19 in a collective, inclusive way.
Oxfam, Byres Road, Coronavirus sign
8 April 2020
With NGOs scaling back programmes and cutting back staff, our recent survey shows organisations need grant flexibility to survive beyond the next three months.
16 March 2020
A look at how the roles, candidates and searches for jobs in the international development and humanitarian sector are changing in 2020.
"Hope" a CSO special plenary session hosted by UN Women
4 February 2020
70% of INGO staff are women, but only 30% of those women reach the top of their organisations. We look at the social and systemic barriers preventing women and women of colour from progressing in their careers.
Bond Conference 2019
18 December 2019
A look back at some of our achievements and accomplishments in 2019 across the international development and humanitarian sectors.

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