Recruiter FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Bond's jobs board.

What is an ad?

Ads are purchased to allow you to post a job. Once bought, ads do not expire until they are used to post a job. Each ad will allow you to post a single job for up to 30 days. We have three different kinds of ad types, which are basic, feature and premium. The difference between the ad types can be viewed on our ‘Post a job’ page.

How do I advertise a job?

To advertise on Bond’s job board, you need to follow these steps:

1.    Login to your account. If you do not already have an account, register for one by clicking login and then register.

2.    Hover over the ‘Jobs’ in the navigation and click ‘Post a job’ from the dropdown to see the prices and discounts available for buying ad/s and the different types of ads available.

3.    Once you have selected the type of ad/s you would like to purchase and the amount, then you can pay for these one of two ways; If you are from an agency and your organisation does not already exist once you have created the organisation please email [email protected]. This is so we can provide your organisation the ability to advertise on other organisations behalf.

  • On either the ‘Post a job’ or ‘My jobs’ page select the quantity of the type/s of ad/s you would like and click ‘Buy (X) ads’ beneath. This will take you to the checkout page (if your organisation is not VAT exempt you need to check the box at the bottom of this page) where you will be able to check the price and quantity. After you've done this, continue to the payment page where you can pay via debit or credit card. 
  • Email [email protected] with the quantity and type/s of ad/s you would plus your organisations name, organisation the ad/s is for if you are an agency, and Purchase Order if your organisation requires these. The ad/s will then be added to your account and an invoice emailed back to you with the invoice attached for the ad/s.

4.     Once you have the ad/s hover over ‘Jobs’ then select ‘My jobs’ and click ‘Post an ad’ in the basic ad, feature ad, or premium ad box depending on what type of ad you want to use and what ad/s you currently have.

5.     Add the job’s details to the form (please ensure you change the end date to the job posting to the one you desire as once it is set only Bond will be able to make this change). The salary range is a mandatory field on any job ad so even if you don’t put in a salary in the ‘from’ and ‘to’ box will need to be used. 

6.    Once you are happy with the details you have added click ‘Save’ to make the job live. This will then appear under the ‘Live’ section of ‘My jobs’. 

  • If you are an agency posting on behalf of another organisation you will have the option to choose the organisation by typing their name into the organisation field and selecting the organisation from the dropdown.  
  • If the organisation you are posting on behalf of doesn’t show up then please contact [email protected] with the organisation’s details. 

My job has the wrong closing date/I want to extend the closing date?

Whether you have accidentally put the wrong end date on your job or wish to extend how long the job is advertised for this must be updated by Bond. If you want your job extended or corrected, please contact [email protected]

If you want your job extended beyond 30 days after the original posting date, then you will need to buy an extension. This costs half the original price paid for an extension of 15 days and the same price as the original ad for 30 extra days.  

My job posting doesn’t have a logo?

If we already have a record of your organisation on our website, then we may already have the logo. However, not all organisations will have a logo pre-attached. To add a logo to your organisation (which will add the logo to all your current and future adverts) email [email protected]

Please Note: The logo must be either a .jpeg, .jpg, or .png file that is at a minimum 200x200 pixels in size emailed to [email protected]

You can check the images pixel size by right clicking on the file and selecting 'Properties'. From this menu select 'Details' and then scroll down to the 'Image' to see the pixel size.

“Account missing crucial information” error appearing

Please contact [email protected] with the username of the account you are currently signed in with or are trying to sign into.

I have a different issue

Please contact [email protected] describing the issue you are having. If the issue relates directly to the website itself such as an error, please attach a screenshot of this in your email.   

Please refer to the full events Terms and Conditions here