Development and Environment

Exchange information and coordinate advocacy at the interface of environmental and poverty issues

The Bond Develoment and Environment Group's (DEG) goal is to increase understanding of the linkages between poverty and environment, and advocate for policies that support sustainable development that benefits people living in poverty. DEG provides a forum where agencies working at the interface of environmental and poverty issues can exchange information, enhance their analysis, and coordinate their advocacy towards UK Government and other relevant institutions.

DEG's work is member-led, and currently comprises four active sub-groups: Climate Finance, Climate Change Adaptation, International Climate Change Negotiations, and Sustainable Energy.

DEG plays an active role in the UNFCCC climate change negotations, and has worked on policy issues relating to SDGs, forests and REDD, and sustainable consumption and production. DEG Seeks to work closely with stakeholders across government to champion UK government-wide mainstreaming of climate change and poverty reduction.

The group meets twice a year and is active outside this online area. To join the group please contact Catherine Pettengell, DEG Coordinator, on