Come together to push a zero-tolerance policy on corruption to alleviate its devastating impact on governance, poverty and development

Corruption undermines economic growth, cripples public services, and has devastating effects on developing countries and their citizens’ quality of life. Its cost in Africa alone has been estimated at US$ 148 billion a year, representing 25% of the continent GDPs. Often thought of only as a developing country problem, most corruption is actually driven or facilitated by global actors in the developed world.

Dealing with corruption is inherently difficult – there are no quick fixes, and requires cross-party commitment across successive governments and across government departments as well as global commitments.

The group recognises the devastating impact of corruption on governance, poverty and development and aims to promote a zero-tolerance policy on corruption. A background on these issues and an assessment of the UK’s compliance with the United Nations’ Convention Against Corruption is presented in the Bond Parallel Report on the UNCAC. A comprehensive discussion of the issues and more specific policy recommendations are presented in the Bond Anti-Corruption Paper.

 The Anti-Corruption Group and its members are committed to supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Corruption.