Governance Award

The Governance Award is a new category created to recognise NGOs who are practising and promoting good governance within their organisation.

In recent years, public trust in the voluntary sector has been damaged following widely publicised cases of bad governance. Good governance is needed now more than ever to enable NGOs to continue to deliver their important work around the world. 

NGOs need to be able to demonstrate that they provide good value for money and are striving to improve their practice and performance, through being more open and accountable about how funds are spent, and with what result. Good governance that permeates all levels of the organisation is absolutely key to a fundamental shift in how NGOs manage and report on their financial flows and their impact.

Are you practicing good governance?

Is your organisation leading the way in accountability and transparency best practice? As a good governance champion, your organisation has developed a governance initiative or project that promotes high accountability standards, along with improved outcomes and impact.

Committing to social responsibility through being transparent, your organisation is going beyond the minimum requirements needed to be accountable and transparent. Good governance through transparency and trust is ingrained in the culture of the organisation and your analysis of success and failure is often passed onto others working in a similar field to ensure that learning and best practice is shared widely.

Judging criteria

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The narrative of your initiative - how compellingly you explain this
  • The objectives of your initiative - what you are trying to change, how is this being planned and implemented
  • The evidence of your initiative - evidence of improving or improved outcomes
  • The impact of the initiative - evidence of commitment to high accountability standards
  • The long-term implementation of the initiative - how are you ensuring the initiative will be sustainable

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