Last year Orbis won the Campaign Award for their Vision for Zambia campaign which raised enough money to screen 70,000 child in rural Zambia.

Photo: Peter Caton

Fundraising Campaign Award

The Fundraising Campaign Award recognises creative fundraising campaigns that engage the public in new and unusual ways.

This award recognises Bond members who are designing and delivering innovative and inspiring fundraising campaigns that engage the public and raise valuable funds for projects.

The finalists

The judges selected these three campaigns as finalists for the Fundraising Campaign Award.

All We Can - Make a Splash! Harvest 2016 Appeal

Islamic Relief - My Ten Nights

Penny Appeal - Forgotten Children


Check out the other submissions for the Fundraising Campaign Award below. 

GlobalGiving UK - Girl Fund


Red International and AIDSLink International's GlobalGiving Accelerator


Last year's winner

The Fundraising Campaign Award is new for 2018. Find out more about the winners of the Campaign Award in 2017