Corporate Partnerships Award

The Corporate Partnerships Award recognises the importance of NGOs working effectively with corporate companies to deliver their aim and mission, recognising that business expertise and assets play a vital role for NGOs. 

As NGOs face ever-changing obstacles in delivering their work on the ground, we are experiencing new partnerships being forged in addition to the traditional NGO/donor connections. 

Are you in a corporate partnership?

If your organisation has successfully worked in a corporate partnership on a project to deliver your aims and make real change – we want to hear from you.

In order for the corporate partnership to have succeeded, you would have engaged in a problem-solving partnership which was strategically designed to address a core issue that you work on. You would have identified and found new expertise and value in the partnership.

Judging criteria

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The narrative - how compellingly you explain your partnership
  • The currency - how you interpret and respond to current global challenges through your partnership
  • The reach - how did the partnership expand your reach
  • The impact - what is the likelihood of impact and sustainability through your partnerships work

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