Trends and innovation

Climate change, demographic change, geopolitical shifts and the diversification of actors will require international NGOs to fundamentally rethink their purpose, their roles, and how they fund their work.

We provide leadership and insights on upcoming trends to help organisations adapt to a constantly challenging and changing environment.

Foresight and innovation news and views

Star Trail
Digital continues to change the way NGOs work and communicate, with ongoing trends offering opportunities and challenges.
12 July 2018
Mantis app hacked
We ran an experiment using a fictional NGO to get organisations to think about how they need to change if they are to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.
28 March 2018
Aerial view of Shanghai
We look at whether our predictions for 2017 became reality.
21 December 2017

Case studies from our innovation library

Tablets pre-loaded with free learning content giving children access to an education

The Rumie Initiative aims to give more children access to education through low-cost technology and digital learning.
13 February 2018

Waste co-op banks fighting poverty and helping the environment

Over 2200 waste banks have opened across Indonesia, allowing local people to increase their incomes as well as cutting waste.
13 February 2018

Collecting real-time data to analyse the risk of drought

An integrated data tool called VAMPIRE is automatically analysing the extent of drought and who is at risk.
13 February 2018

Futures resources

Refugee camp in Bangladesh
This report explores the dynamics of decision-making in humanitarian aid, looking at the trends that could move us (or prevent us from moving) to a system where people affected by crises are taking the decisions about the aid that they receive.
8 November 2018
This interactive magazine-like story will guide you through the rapidly changing status of blockchain projects.
24 July 2018
Building in Aarhus
At Bond’s Annual Conference in February 2018, we heard from five organisations who are challenging traditional development and humanitarian business models. 
1 May 2018
Mantis stand
A fictional, speculative development organisation was unveiled at the Bond Conference, but many of its innovative approaches and features are becoming real.
23 March 2018
Wildfire in American forest
This report from the World Economic Forum identifies and analyses the most pressing risks the world faces.
24 January 2018
Colourful digital blocks
It then explores four ways in which blockchain can be applied to hack the future of development aid and accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals.
11 January 2018

The future of development on Twitter

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The neuroscience on how to motivate a teenager