Futures: foresight and innovation

Climate change, demographic change, geopolitical shifts and the diversification of actors will require international NGOs to fundamentally rethink their purpose, their roles, and how they fund their work.

Bond's futures programme provides support to decision makers and innovators within the sector to create future-fit organisations and new models that meet changing needs.


Foresight and innovation news and views

Drone flying on horizon
In January 2016 our experts predicted a range of trends for the year. We look at which ones are starting to be realised and what they mean for international development. 
5 January 2017
Volunteers in a school
Restless Development share their experiences of making innovation a key part of their organisation, strategy and staff development.
4 January 2017
Boy in wheelchair
Richard Frost, CEO of Motivation, discusses the organisation's social enterprise approach to providing more wheelchairs to developing countries.
12 December 2016

Case studies from our innovation library

Ruth Jotua, 24, mum-of-two

ColaLife - learn to fail; don’t fail to learn!

ColaLife, a small UK-based NGO, worked with mothers to co-create a new diarrhoea treatment kit to save more children's lives across Zambia. They famously tried distribution innovation, but in the end it was their innovative product that was successful.
Satellite image

Using satellite image to unveil human rights abuses

Amnesty International has started to work with commercial satellite image providers to capture evidence of human rights abuses around the world.
VR headset

3D printing and virtual reality technology to improve hospital design in remote locations

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is piloting the use of 3D printing and virtual reality technology.

Futures resources

Cells merging and adapting
Introduces adaptive management, when it is appropriate, what is required at a programme level to work in an adaptive way and what sorts of organisational, funding and partnership factors can it enable or hinder.
12 September 2016
Refugee camp İn Somalia
This edition of Humanitarian Exchange focuses on innovation in the humanitarian sector.
1 April 2016
Strong confident woman open arms to sunrise
ALNAP is a unique system-wide network dedicated to improving humanitarian performance through increased learning and accountability.
An analysis of Bond members’ innovation performance
12 July 2016
Stock market graph and bar chart price display
The 2016 edition of Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report covers today’s internet growth and an in-depth look at a range of issues.
1 June 2016
Ideas on Earth
This report presents the synthesised findings from 15 case studies, examining what a successful humanitarian innovation process looks like, and what factors enable success.
1 April 2016

Signals of change

Healthcare innovations won’t cure global health inequality – political action will

Boosting developing nations' access to medical advances is top of the agenda at Berlin's World Health Summit, but will it improve healthcare for the poorest? Ben Ramalingham discusses.

The Guardian 9 October 2016

Global trends: falling income in advanced economies

Poorer than their parents? A new perspective on income inequality

Mckinsey&Co 26 July 2016

Have development impact bonds (DIBs) moved beyond the hype?

When DIBs were first discussed about three years ago, there was quite a bit of excitement. While some enthusiasm may still exist, initial experiences have brought expectations down to earth.

Devex 26 July 2016

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Do taxes and transfers really have impact? Ali Enami, @noralustig & Rodrigo Aranda explore the theory: https://t.co/YBOrrMhjGS

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