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The question campaigners hate to answer, but need to

Kirsty McNeill on the tough question campaigners need to ask themselves in order to make change.

Campaigning hub

Campaigning is a crucial part of a vibrant and healthy civil society. Our campaigning hub showcases examples of innovative and exciting campaigns to inspire ideas and share learning. It also brings together the most useful campaigning resources to support those wanting to influence policy and campaign for change, and the latest campaigning news and views.

The hub helps our members to design and deliver campaigns that are effective and inclusive, and provides a forum for collaboration and the sharing of best practice.

Previous campaigns Bond has worked on include action/2015 and #ProudofAid. We also have a number of resources on public support and the Narrative Project.

Campaigning news and views

Police at a protest rally in London
17 March 2021
The right to protest is under threat globally and the UK, for whom open societies is purportedly a foreign and development priority, should be leading by example. 
Dominic Raab entering the FCDO
26 November 2020
Dominic Raab announced today that the government will be seeking to bring forward new legislation that will allow the UK government to cut the amount it spends on ODA.
25 November 2020
The UK government announces it will abandon legally-binding commitment to spend 0.7% of GNI on aid in 2021.

Campaigning resources

Graphic of a laptop with a person and WIFI waves
Case studies from 10 successful UK campaigns, as well as trends restricting civil society campaigning and recommendations for UK government to protect the right to campaign.
18 May 2021
Our manifesto for the next government to commit to making the UK a proud global leader in international development.
4 November 2019
City of London skyline
With more UK aid being delivered through the private sector, we brought together sector experts to interrogate what these trends mean for the poorest countries.
25 March 2019

Campaigning events and courses

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Adapting your organisation in uncertain times

Webinar on what to prioritise in this uncertain time and what you can do instead of restructuring and remote working.
People demonstrating in London

The future of civil society organisations in light of Covid-19

A two hour workshop to explore the current challenges and opportunities brought out by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Woman reading her phone sitting on her windowsill

Covid-19 communications and public insights: what's working?

Webinar on the latest research on what messaging resonates with British audiences during Covid-19

The campaign for aid

A coalition of Bond members is coordinating efforts to make the case for aid in tackling global poverty. 

A series of groups have been coordinating the campaign’s work since 2017. These groups are led by a steering group and governed by a board of NGOs. 

Collaboration is led by the campaign director, Richard Darlington, who is based at Bond’s office in London. 

For more information, including how to join the campaign, contact Richard Darlington: [email protected]