Campaigning hub

Campaigning is a crucial part of a vibrant and healthy civil society. Our campaigning hub showcases examples of innovative and exciting campaigns to inspire ideas and share learning. It also brings together the most useful campaigning resources to support those wanting to influence policy and campaign for change, and the latest campaigning news and views.

The hub helps our members to design and deliver campaigns that are effective and inclusive, and provides a forum for collaboration and the sharing of best practice.


Campaigning news and views

People walking quickly
Find out more about our party conference events this year, which will focus on the future of international development post Brexit.
13 September 2016
The word reflect made out of bunting
Being a campaigner is hard work: the challenges are big and the world is changing apace. Alice shares her thoughts on how campaigners can avoid a burnout.
11 August 2016
Six hands making the peace sign
Changing people's behaviour is difficult. Alice Delemare shares some behavioural psychology tips for campaigners, gathered at a recent CharityComms event.
2 August 2016

Campaigning case studies

Racing car test drive

Road-testing the Narrative Project

The New Venture Fund worked with 10 organisations to road-test the Narrative Project approach. The goal was to learn from organisations' experiences of integrating the Narrative Project messaging approach into their communications work.
 family beside a damaged house near Naglebhare, Nepal

SafeSchools: Nepal

This virtual reality documentary is part of Theirworld's #SafeSchool campaign, which highlights the tragic consequences for children whose education is neglected in the aftermath of an emergency.
Children in a classroom with hands up

Hands up for humanity

This social media campaign aims to increase public awareness of the humanitarian challenges facing the world and of the opportunity that the World Humanitarian Summit presents.

Campaigning resources

Jenny Ross introduces the four simple questions that could transform your advocacy strategy and increase your impact.
Friends of the Earth campaigners in Paris
Friends of the Earth have put together an extensive online bank of resources to help with local campaigning on a variety of issues, from environmental justice to sustainable waste management.
Amani*, aged 24, is a teacher from Syria.
Giving What We Can has complied a myth-busting list of facts to help separate fiction from reality.

Campaigning in brief

We're all #ProudOfAid

Concern is proud of the work they do to tackle hunger and transform lives, which is made possible with funding from the Department for International Development. Their supporters are also proud of aid, and have shared some of their reasons for wanting to protect the 0.7% aid budget.

Concern Worldwide 9 June 2016

Asking supporters to encourage their MP to speak up for aid

Ahead of the parliamentary debate about 0.7% on 13 June, the Christian international development organisation, Tearfund, is asking its supporters to encourage MPs to speak up for aid.

Tearfund 8 June 2016

Realistic and achievable: why the 0.7% figure is so important

Ahead of the parliamentary debate on 13 June, Miski Abdi discusses the importance of the UK's commitment to spend 0.7% of its national income on overseas aid.

CARE Insights 8 June 2016

Campaigning events and courses

Engaging the UK public in international development

Gain a clear understanding of UK public attitudes towards development, improve your ability to analyse communications, and get practical tips to help you strengthen engagement with your organisation's issues.
Megaphone and the words speak up on a banner

Developing an advocacy strategy

This course showcases the role that effective advocacy and campaigns can play in influencing change. It will take you through the process of developing an advocacy strategy and how to make choices about the appropriate approach for your organisation.
23 November 2016
Water droplet making a splash

How change happens: demonstrating the impact of your advocacy

This course will support experienced campaigns and advocacy specialists to improve the strategic clarity and effectiveness of their work.
28 March 2017