Campaigning hub

Campaigning is a crucial part of a vibrant and healthy civil society. Our campaigning hub showcases examples of innovative and exciting campaigns to inspire ideas and share learning. It also brings together the most useful campaigning resources to support those wanting to influence policy and campaign for change, and the latest campaigning news and views.

The hub helps our members to design and deliver campaigns that are effective and inclusive, and provides a forum for collaboration and the sharing of best practice.


Campaigning news and views

Campaigners waving flags
The government will continue to consider the comments of all interested parties before implementing the anti-advocacy clause.
28 April 2016
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The day the Panama Papers story exploded across the world's media was a red letter day for tax justice campaigners. But does the leak really matter for the rest of the development sector?
20 April 2016
British Virgin Islands
The scandals highlighted by the Panama Papers leak have prompted reactions from INGOs working on tax justice.
6 April 2016

Campaigning case studies

Children in a classroom with hands up

Hands up for humanity

This social media campaign aims to increase public awareness of the humanitarian challenges facing the world and of the opportunity that the World Humanitarian Summit presents.
Abstract pattern of intertwined colorful light beams

Live stream platform to turn viewers into activists

Mobil-Eyes Us uses live streamed video to connect people with the causes they care about, and to inspire action.
Syrian schoolboy on a bus

Straight Outta Syria

This film follows three talented young brothers, Samir, Abdulrahman and Mohammed who arrived in Lebanon as refugees four years ago.
13 January 2016

Campaigning resources

This guidebook looks at how you can bring “people power” into your next campaign or project.
11 January 2016
Reimagining Activism report cover
Reimagining Activism provides practical advice and questions to ask ourselves when we want to change organisations, campaigns or become active on system change in another way.
18 December 2015
Delegates at the African Diaspora and Development Day 2015 conference, London
Both diaspora communities and INGOs want to create positive change in developing countries, but their ways of working differ substantively. This report looks at how communication and engagement can help bring these two key agents closer together.
1 November 2015

Campaigning in brief

Mapped: The climate change conversation on Twitter

Carbon Brief has commissioned Right Relevance to start harvesting data from Twitter and use it to build maps periodically showing how the influencers within the climate change conversation shift over time. John Swain from Right Relevance explains the methodology and highlights some key findings from the first wave of analysis.

Carbon Brief 5 May 2016

How to run a brainstorm for introverts (and extroverts too)

Laura Mclure give 12 great tips on how to run a killer brainstorm for (mostly) introverts. There is some great advice here, applicable for when you're planning a campaign brainstorm! 

TED Blog 5 May 2016

Video: Youth map the climate change they want to see

Voices of Youth Maps is a mobile application and online platform for young people to identify issues and engage with their communities to positively impact their neighborhoods.

YouTube 21 April 2016

Campaigning events and courses

Engaging the UK public in international development

Gain a clear understanding of UK public attitudes towards development, improve your ability to analyse communications, and get practical tips to help you strengthen engagement with your organisation's issues.
18 May 2016
Megaphone and the words speak up on a banner

Developing an advocacy strategy

This course showcases the role that effective advocacy and campaigns can play in influencing change. It will take you through the process of developing an advocacy strategy and how to make choices about the appropriate approach for your organisation.
7 June 2016
Water droplet making a splash

How change happens: demonstrating the impact of your advocacy

This course will support experienced campaigns and advocacy specialists to improve the strategic clarity and effectiveness of their work.
8 June 2016