Campaigning hub

Campaigning is a crucial part of a vibrant and healthy civil society. Our campaigning hub showcases examples of innovative and exciting campaigns to inspire ideas and share learning. It also brings together the most useful campaigning resources to support those wanting to influence policy and campaign for change, and the latest campaigning news and views.

The hub helps our members to design and deliver campaigns that are effective and inclusive, and provides a forum for collaboration and the sharing of best practice.

Previous campaigns Bond has worked on include action/2015 and #ProudofAid. We also have a number of resources on public support and the Narrative Project.


Campaigning news and views

Ben and Jerry's homecoming event
With more and more businesses willing to speak out on social issues, Ben and Jerry's shares tips from their activism and partnership with the International Rescue Committee.
12 December 2017
Stack of newspapers
Research suggests how to break through anti-international development rhetoric to reach a sceptical public.
29 November 2017
With 32% of Conservative MPs wanting to prevent charities from lobbying, we need to defend charity campaigning for civil society groups and activists everywhere.
23 October 2017

Campaigning case studies

Innovative fundraising campaign helps restore blind people’s sight

Sightsavers broadcast live cataract surgery on social media to kickstart its largest ever fundraising campaign.
2 December 2016
Racing car test drive

Road-testing the Narrative Project

The New Venture Fund worked with 10 organisations to road-test the Narrative Project approach. The goal was to learn from organisations' experiences of integrating the Narrative Project messaging approach into their communications work.
 family beside a damaged house near Naglebhare, Nepal

SafeSchools: Nepal

This virtual reality documentary is part of Theirworld's #SafeSchool campaign, which highlights the tragic consequences for children whose education is neglected in the aftermath of an emergency.

Campaigning resources

Macro image of EU currency
This report explores in detail potential impacts and opportunities associated with Brexit on a number of priority policy areas in international development and humanitarian aid.
19 July 2017
DevCommsLab is a site for people who want to play a part in improving public engagement with global poverty. You can find insights which will help you to understand audiences, encourage people to take action and influence people’s attitudes.
1 July 2017
A video thanking supporters of international development NGOs.
1 June 2017

Campaigning in brief

Number crunching Parliament petitions

MPs will later debate two petitions about the state visit of US President Donald Trump, but what do online polls and their signatories say about the UK?

BBC 20 February 2017

"This is not a public service announcement"

Sho Konno from Restless Development blogs on what "communications for development" should mean in light of recent media attacks.

"This is not a public service announcement" 20 January 2017

SMK Campaigner Survey

The results from the first annual SMK Campaigner Survey make for interesting reading: 90% of respondents feel campaigning is under threat, and 1 in 5 say that their organisations are now campaigning less.

Sheila McKechnie Foundation 1 December 2016

Campaigning events and courses

European Parliament glass building in Brussels

EU corridors of power

This course explains how decisions are made in the European Union and highlights where NGOs can have the greatest influence in the process.
Artificial network

NGO campaigning and GDPR

This event will discuss how next year's General Data Protection Regulation will affect NGOs' abilities to engage with supporters.
Rolled up newspaper

Brunswick Insight presentation: communicating with centre-right audiences

Following research carried out by Brunswick Insight with centre-right audiences, we are holding a meeting to help us get out of the echo chamber and consider how we can connect with different audiences.