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Brexit brings challenges, opportunities and unanswered questions for those working in international development and the UK at large.

We've brought together useful resources, views and the latest news on Brexit to help you understand and navigate this time of uncertainty. 

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News and views from Bond

Headshot of Penny Mordaunt
Secretary of state for international development Penny Mordaunt outlined her vision for UK aid, including using aid for private sector investment into developing countries post-Brexit.
9 October 2018
Children painting a wall mural with EU flag in Arbat camp, Iraq
The UK government’s commitment to underwrite EU humanitarian funding is welcomed but a post-Brexit agreement needs to ensure that collaboration and shared learning between UK and EU CSOs can continue.
24 September 2018
Theresa May and Cyril Ramaphosa delivering a speech in Cape Town
Theresa May announces funding for stability, economic prosperity and family planning while visiting Africa to promote UK trade after Brexit.
6 September 2018

Brexit resources

European flags
This report proposes options for UK-European civil society organisation collaboration in the lead up to and following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
9 January 2018
EU customs zone
These white papers on trade and customs aim to establish the principles that will guide future UK trade policy as well as laying out the practical steps that will support those aims.
9 October 2017
UK flags at mock council
This paper discusses options for foreign policy, defence and development collaboration in the future partnership between the UK and the EU post-Brexit.
12 September 2017

Brexit resources, news and views

To the point: UK-EU coordination for the poor

Tamsyn Barton on UK-EU development coordination after Brexit.

ECDPM 21 June 2018

The EU beyond 2020 Future Development Instruments: A UK Perspective

This paper looks at future development instruments and cooperation between the EU and the UK.

DFID 2 March 2018

Wales, Brexit and Environmental Law

The UK Environmental Law Association's report highlights the challenges that will need to be faced in developing environmental law in Wales after Brexit.

UK Environmental Law Association 18 October 2017

Brexit Risk Tracker

Most of the UK’s environmental protections stem from EU law and so could be changed as a result of Brexit. Greener UK has created a Brexit Risk Tracker to show which policy areas are more secure, and which are most at risk.


Greener UK 1 September 2017

Brexit and Open Government in the UK: 11 Months of May

This paper examines how Brexit has influenced the UK’s transparency regime and how, in turn, will openness shape the UK’s Brexit process. 

Birkbeck College 20 June 2017

EU Infrastructure Funding Post-Brexit

This symposium is an opportunity to strengthen understanding of the implications, risks and opportunities for local and regional infrastructure funding and development, following the UK’s secession from the European Union.

Public Policy Exchange 30 May 2017

Draft EU position papers on Article 50 negotiations

The European Commission have produced two draft working paper's for Article 50 negotiations, addressing 'Essential Principles on Citizens' Rights' and 'Essential Principles on Financial Settlement'.

European Commission 29 May 2017

Brexit and UK International Development Policy

This article explores the implications of Brexit for the UK and the EU's development policies and strategic directions, focusing on the former.

The Political Quarterly 9 April 2017

How Brexit will affect charitable giving

UK - Charities Aid Foundation head of research Susan Pinkney says ‘no one really knows’ how Brexit will impact charitable giving, but the signs are not as pessimistic as doomsayers might imagine.

Research Live 15 March 2017