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Brexit brings challenges, opportunities and unanswered questions for those working in international development and the UK at large.

This hub brings together useful resources, views and the latest news on Brexit to help you understand and navigate this time of uncertainty. 

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To better support the international developemnt sector, we are undertaking a survey of INGOs to determine how access to EU funding may be affected by Brexit. The findings will help us identify the major issues and risks, and inform our work in this area going forwards.

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News and views from Bond

Two crates floating on the sea with the EU and UK flags
The publication last week of DFID’s Multilateral Development Review provides us with a useful opportunity to reflect on how the UK may relate to the EU and development issues after Brexit.
7 December 2016
People at panel table for Bond event
NGOs and development experts discuss the challenges and opportunities Brexit presents for international development.
18 October 2016
10 Downing St
A letter from Prime Minister Theresa May on post-Brexit international development plans.
21 September 2016

Brexit resources, news and views

Beyond Brexit: The Volume of EU Aid after 2020

While the UK negotiates its exit from the EU, the EU will be negotiating over its own budget for 2020-2026. So, where will EU development aid be a quarter of the way through the 21st century?

Center for Global Development 20 December 2016

Event podcast: Brexit's impact on developing countries

This event brought together economists and experts in trade and development to explore how the UK's decision to leave the European Union might affect developing countries.

ODI 14 December 2016

Brexit: lessons for global development governance

The paper from Simon Maxwell's keynote lecture at the Annual Conference of the Norwegian Association of Development Research, Oslo, 24-25 November 2016.

Simon Maxwell 27 November 2016

Renewed Focus on UN could help secure UK’s new role on world stage

Some of the key talking points from a parliamentary event on the UK-UN relationship post-Brexit, hosted by IDS, UNA-UK and BAFUNCS.

Institute of Development Studies 27 October 2016

Brexit negotiations - the view from the EU

This report analyses a set of key variables in EU Member States, such as trade, migration and risk of populism in order to gain a clearer picture of the difficulties the UK will face in negotiating with them

Cicero 12 October 2016

The new opportunities for global good in the national interest

This paper considers new UK policy opportunities for global development that arise from Brexit, looking at what policy opportunities are good for the world, the UK, and for negotiating out of the EU

Center for Global Development 8 October 2016

5 ways to ensure the UK's trade policy works for developing countries

Dirk Willem de Veld unpacks the five win-win strategies the government can employ to make sure the UK's new trade policy works for developing countries, originally presented at the Conservative Party Conference

ODI 4 October 2016

Brexit: implications for climate change commitments

ODI outlines how the commitments necessary to ensure that the goals of the Paris Agreement can be met will be affected by the UK leaving the EU.

ODI 30 September 2016

Presentation: What's the mood in post-Referendum Britain?

This presentation shares research by Britain Thinks on how the UK public are feeling about Brexit, their priorities for the future and their views on the current political leaders.

Britain Thinks 22 September 2016