Plan International UK and Credit Suisse won the Corporate Partnerships Award at the Bond Awards
The Corporate Partnerships Award was won by Plan International UK and Credit Suisse

Corporate Partnerships Award

The Corporate Partnerships Award recognises the importance of NGOs working effectively with corporate companies to deliver their mission, recognising that business expertise and assets can play a vital role in international development.

As NGOs face ever-changing obstacles in delivering their work on the ground, new partnerships with private sector companies can support NGOs to widen their reach and impact.

The winner

We were looking for NGOs that have successfully worked in a corporate partnership on a project to deliver their aims and make real change. The winner was announced on 18 March 2019.

Plan International UK and Credit Suisse
The Financial Education and Life Skills programme will provide approximately 100,000 girls with financial education.

This year’s entries

PEAS, the Sita Foundation and the Costa Foundation
This partnership has founded new PEAS schools and ICT laboratories across Uganda and Zambia.

Street Child United and Vitol Foundation
Vitol Foundation has not only co-funded the last two Street Child World Cups but engaged over 1,000 staff to fundraise.

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