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What we are doing

Our advocacy work helps our members get their voices heard. We work in many different areas across sustainable development and social change with a dedicated team covering all our policy and advocacy work.

Civil society and civic space

Bond works to promote and protect civic space in the UK and globally. With our members and allies, we seek to create an enabling environment for civil society actors so that they, and the people and communities they work with, can campaign for social change and participate meaningfully in public debate and decision-making.

Equity, diversity & inclusion

We are helping INGOs understand how exclusion and discrimination manifest in their cultures, policies, and practices. We’re supporting the INGOs in their journey towards becoming a more diverse, inclusive and equitable sector through our workshops, training programmes and events.

Future Dialogues

Bond’s Future Dialogues series seeks to move the international development and humanitarian sector away from defending a system that is no longer fit for purpose and find new models for the UK rooted in equity and solidarity.

Locally led and decolonisation

Bond is working to help INGOs and donors understand what locally led development and decolonisation mean in terms of fundraising, programming, communications, and advocacy. Local organisations and communities should be the ones to decide how resources are invested, putting an end to white saviourism and confronting the sector’s colonial legacy.

Parliamentary engagement

We work with members of parliament, the civil service and local government to help influence the House of Commons and the House of Lords for the good of our members and the communities we work with around the world.


We are working to ensure organisations and their partners are equipped to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment across the international development sector.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Bond supports the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which is a group of cross-party UK parliamentarians dedicated to championing the SDGs across sectors. We also coordinate the Bond SDG Group – a group of international civil society organisations working together to advance the goals and to monitor and hold the UK government to account for its SDG commitments.

Sustainable economic development

What alternative models are available which can deliver for people and the planet? Our work on sustainable economic development looks at alternate funding streams, moving beyond the focus on GDP into thinking in terms of planetary limits and how we the sector should change our approach to economic development so it acts as an agent of change.

UK aid

We are working to ensure UK aid is spent responsibly so that support gets to the communities who need it most. We work with the sector to hold the government to account for how the UK aid budget is spent and advocate for a return to 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) to spend on UK aid.

Working Groups

We have over 40 independent working groups, working on a wide range of sustainable development and humanitarian issues, that we help coordinate and facilitate, to produce position statements, papers, media coverage, reports and other advocacy materials, as well as highlighting issues and liaising with parliament on their behalf.