WWF partnership toolbox


Rod Sterne, Deborah Heaney and Bruce Britton

A toolbox created by WWF containing templates which can be used to work through a number of different aspects of partnership, namely: 1. Organisational Context Tool 2. Partnership Agreement Tool 3. Partnership Baseline Tool 4. Partnership Monitoring Tool 5. Characteristics of Partnership Tool 6. Relationship Typologies Tool

Resource type: Toolkit

Resource application: Tools which can be adapted easily and used by any organisation at different stages of a partnership relationship

Basic understanding of partnership and the need to create agreements, understand contact and monitor them. Designed to be useful to a wide range of organisations.

Pillar: Partnership
Building Blocks: roles and responsibilities selection monitoring partnerships

Related Resources

An example of a partnership agreement that clearly outlines roles and responsibilities according to partnership standards of the organisation.
A template to document key information about a completed partnership. Ensures that knowledge of and learning from the partnership is available to new staff and can be referred to if needed at a later date.
A webpage with a range of resources to support local organisations to assess and build their own capacity.