Using the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme for safer recruitment

Bond and SCHR

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Misconduct Disclosure Scheme is designed to enhance reference checks and facilitates sharing of misconduct data to future employers.

This webinar recording provides an overview of how organisations can use the scheme for safer recruitment practice.

The scheme consists of two main commitments:

  • to systematically check with previous employers about any sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) issues relating to potential new hires 
  • to respond to such checks from others

It respects data protection and employment law and enables any organisation to get better information to make a better hiring decision and to protect staff and beneficiaries as a result.

This webinar recording covers the following: 

  • The scheme’s key principles
  • How to go about signing up to the scheme
  • How to implement the scheme, including navigating some challenges you may face

Watch the webinar recording now. 

Resource type: webinar

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