Understanding UK Election and Charity Rules: A Refresher and Q&A for NGOs

11 June 2024Bond

Bonds Policy and Lobbying Group is a space for members to get political intelligence and insight on lobbying and campaigning related to UK aid issues. Bonds Policy Directors Group lead on the long-term policy discussions facing the aid and development sector.

With a general election now called for 4th July, it is important to recognise that Bond members can continue to campaign ahead of the election. However, it is crucial to understand the rules for doing so.

Due to recent changes in electoral law, even the most experienced campaigners should refresh their knowledge and reacquaint themselves with electoral law and charity regulations.

This interactive webinar was hosted by Rowan Popplewell, Bond’s Policy Manager on Civic Space. Topics covered included a summary of charity and election law, recent developments and how to approach organisational risk appetite. The webinar also had a Q & A session where participants were able to explore their organisational issues.

You can read the presentation here or watch the webinar below: