Understanding changes to UK Government grant agreements and contracts

9 October 2020Bond, A4ID and Bates Wells





As a result of the Covid-19 crisis the UK economy is expected to contract in coming months and the Gross National Income (GNI) is likely to drop and therefore so will the UK’s 0.7% contribution to Overseas Development Aid (ODA).

Earlier this month the UK foreign secretary Dominc Raab announced a ?2.9bn package of cuts to the UK’s aid spending for 2020 as part of the ODA reducation process. The UK Government have been through a review process of all their ODA programmes and made decisions of where they will cut or delay programmes. DFID have said that they have already started to contact partners and suppliers to discuss the cuts to existing grants and contracts.

Bond and A4ID joined forces to host this webinar with the legal firm Bates Wells that will help NGOs understand their rights when negotiating programmes cuts to both grants and contracts with DFID.

The webinar focuses on:

  • Termination rights and mitigating losses
  • The extent to which NGOs are within their rights to resist on requests to alter the terms of the contract or grant agreement

Bates Wells’ Leticia Jennings & Samara Lawrence lead the session. Bates Wells have a charity helpline where they offer a free 30 minute consultation, click here to find out more.

The session is run in partnership with Bates Wells and A4ID

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