Thriving cultures: transforming wellbeing, engagement and performance

11 June 2024Bond and Thriving People

Many INGOs are facing very tough conditions: cuts in funding, high levels of stress, low engagement and difficulty attracting and retaining employees. As leaders are all too aware, it’s getting harder and harder to balance a happy, healthy workforce with fulfilling the organisation’s mission.

Thriving People partnered with Bond to offer INGO leaders a fresh approach, a way to create successful, sustainable cultures that people love to be a part of. Organisational change specialists, Simon and Andy, gave an insightful 90-minute online workshop in which they lifted the lid on how to create a thriving culture.

Attendees learned proven strategies to:

  • Increase performance and engagement with limited resources
  • Reduce stress and burnout
  • Improve D&I
  • Motivate people when times are tough
  • Attract and retain the best talent

Click here to view the slides shared during the presentation. For additional insights into the ideas shared by Andy and Simon, we recommend reading their blogs on strategies for creating healthier, happier NGOs and on fostering trust.

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