The Sphere Handbook 2018


Friday, June 7, 2019

The Sphere Handbook is the ‘go to’ handbook for humanitarians in the field and also humanitarian actors from UN, Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, INGOs, CSOs and governments.  

With a clear, rights-based framework, the Handbook builds on the legal and ethical foundations of humanitarianism with pragmatic guidance, global good practice and compiled evidence to support humanitarian staff wherever they work.

It is the starting point for new humanitarian actors and a standing reference for experienced staff, providing guidance on priority actions and where to find more detailed technical information. The latest edition provides even more support in specific sectors to help people recover and thrive.

This edition benefits from the input of thousands of people working with more than 450 organisations in at least 65 countries around the world. The global reach reflects experience from diverse contexts, extraordinary challenges and different types of actors. 

This version has updates and emphasis around context-sensitive programming, with new standards and guidance on shelter and settlement, cash-based assistance, WASH in healthcare settings, a new standard on sexual violence and clinical management of rape, and a new standard on palliative care.  It is available in hard copy and as an online interactive version.

What does not change is its rights-based foundations: people have the right to assistance, the right to life with dignity, the right to protection and security, and the right to fully participate in decisions related to their own recovery.

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Bond offers courses to help NGOs protect their staff and stakeholders: Safeguarding essentials and Developing good safeguarding practice.

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